Creating Or Make A Landing Page With Google Sites -Easy And Fast

 designing landing page

Who would think to create a website it would take just a few minutes. And we should need the help of people trained for this work. As this is now very simple to do, we have prepared this article to teach you what steps you must follow to create or make a Landing Page to Google Sites,. Easy and fast

How to Create or Make Landing Page with Google Sites -Easy and fast

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At first Google Sites was designed to create professional web and its main focus they were business and commerce. But today this platform gave a complete turn and opened the doors to those who wish to have a website for free . So today any user can access a free web.

Google is opening up all markets and shops, covering all possible areas of services. That is why we want to present you a tutorial so you do not have excuses and start now to can learn how to create or make a Landing Page to Google Sites, easy and fast .

 create landing page

How to create or make a Pagecon Landing Google Sites

So you can create or make a Landing Page with Google Sites , easy and fast, the first thing you should do is go to your search engine Google Chrome . While there go to the top right and you do clip icon with nine points. A Doing this will show several options and you will find the icon for Google Drive.

We clip on it and we take you to the Home of this application, here you will find two options, one for personal and one for business. In our case we will make staff and clip Go to Google Drive . Then you go to Log in , and go into the page, being there you go the upper left and do clip New.

Doing this will appear several options, then you go to more and do clip, you’ll appear more choices and select Google Form . Doing this will take you to another page, here you go to the top where it says Untitled Form and change the name to register. Then you do clip and name automatically .


Here you must place the necessary information as «Register to be contacted» select the first question. And from place as you want to be the answers, if simple, multiple paragraph selection, etc. Here you can create all the questions you want to double by clip, you can also choose the option of binding in any questions.

Setting Up Your Landing Sites

So this way you will be setting your Landing Page so it is important that in the records ask for information such as name, last name, email, phone. And select this data to be required, also if you want at the top right are some icons that if you select, you can change the appearance, color, font, header image, etc.

With these options you can completely customize your Landing Page , it is also important that you select in this area option configurations. In the select a picture in it you’ll Presentation, do clip and show you other options will appear. Here you must write the confirmation message, which will receive Cundo people to register.

Like, «Your registration has been successfully accepted» and finally beams clip Save. Also you getting the Send option if you do clip here a box that says Send form will appear . Here you can send to any contact, you just have to write your email address and then you clip Send.

You can also submit the form here through a link where you can shorten it also gives you the option of inserting HTML. To share in Twitter or Facebook, to finish me just take this form is my page Google Sites . For that I go to my site, then I clip on contacts.

 set landing page

Then I turn to the right and I seek Form option should appear and here you created earlier. Dragged him to the center for insertion and very quickly this could have . Create or make a Landing Page with Google Sites

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