How To Download And Save Files From Google Classroom From My Phone Or Pc


The pandemic of the COVID-19 has forced people to change many habits. The traditional way of studying has been one of them. You do not need to attend classes, but virtual classes.

Google, meanwhile, has made available to its users important tools on its platform. Which is why we should learn how download and save files from Google Classroom from my phone or PC .

This is an important step in mastering one of the most important technological tools today. Versatility and features that Google Classroom account make it a ideal for studying platform.

What is Google Classroom?

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If all these still do not know what is Google Classroom, no problem, here you will learn. Following the pandemic, it arose unable to attend classroom. Given this, Google decided on design a virtual classroom that was part of Google Apps .

google-class virtual classroom

Its main strength is there in the arsenal of tools that facilitate communication and file exchange between teachers and students.

Create your account

If customers are from another email service, do not worry. Create an account Google is entirely free , and the like using the Google Classroom service.

To be included in a class and it is the task of the teacher, who must register all students in a directory. From there, you’ll have at your disposal all the content uploaded by the teacher.

Use it anywhere, anytime!

Google Classroom is available both in the href=»» web version and store iOS and Android applications. No excuses, from your computer or mobile device can use this amazing tool when you want them.

downloading files, web pages and content , to conduct collaborative work with several colleagues. Discover how magnificent can bequeath to be this tool.

It’s time to explore

This still represents a new alternative for many people. But circumstances compel really know how using Google Classroom as a student .

The first thing surely you’re wondering, is if you need use Google Chrome as your browser . The answer is simple: no. To download and save files from Google Classroom simply need to count and Google access your account .

Get Started to download!

Download and save files from Google Classroom is very simple. Here you will find the steps necessary to perform this operation. This way, you will have the opportunity to store activities or tasks on your computer or mobile device .

explore google classroom

This is an extremely useful function when viewing in more detail the work performed. To do this, pay attention to the following:

  • Go to Google Classroom.

  • Enter the class or activity of your choice to proceed with the download.

  • Select and open one of the files that are attached.

  • At the top right of your screen, you will visualize the download icon.

  • It’s all! You already have the file on your computer or mobile device.

Chit drawbacks?

The drawbacks can occur when downloading and saving files Google Classroom. An important point to understand about this system is the permissions.

Each time the teaching load a task or activity to the platform, it has an interesting variety of configuration options. Such options are aimed at granting permits or authorizations for viewing, printing or downloading files.

So, if it’s making impossible view files downloaded from Google , it is possible that these aspects have an influence on it.

Time to Work

Know how to use tools such as Google Classroom has always been very important. But this importance has increased with the obligation to make distance learning while the COVID-19 is not treated effectively.

There are many options, but, without doubt, one of the best, easy and versatile has been designed by Google. So, teachers and students, it is time Learn how to download and save files from Google Classroom .

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