How To Export An Icloud Calendar To Google Calendar On Android


Change phone can sometimes be not so pleasant. Having that transfer all information from one device to another can be a really tedious process, especially when it comes to different operating systems. An example would export an iCloud calendar to Google Calendar.

are hardly compatible operating systems, so, for the transfer information from one device to another, it is necessary to use a number of applications and obtain, thus a satisfactory result.

Changing operating systems

One of the most problematic elements, if you will, when going from iOS to Android are the contacts and information contained in the calendar : meeting reminders, events, birthdays, among others.


It should not be a difficult process of all, however, there are some obstacles that, not finding solutions within your device, you can end up taking the determination to take much more bureaucratic measures.

From iCloud to Android

Is there a way to transfer all such information from iCloud? While Google Calendar is an application designed for sync contacts stored on other platforms and creating reminders in Gmail, there is certainly a way this application can be linked with iCloud.

However, despite the incompatibility issues that may have these two operating systems, and although there is no direct way to transfer or export your calendar information from iCloud to your Android device, for technology no impossible.

That is why, in this article, you will learn a very simple way to make this process Export that, while it may be a little clandestine (by assigning a term), do not remove much time to do it.

Getting Started

The first thing you should do is log into your account to iCloud Calendar to start with the export the information stored on the calendar of the iOS operating system.

Once you’ve entered, locate the appropriate icon to iCloud calendar, and begin to use tool that will help you to export.

At this point, you only have to click on the icon to calendar sharing . A box will appear with two options: private and public calendar schedule. Checking the box to the second option, you will visualize a link, as well as the option to “Copy link”.

  • Paste the address in the search bar of your browser.
  • In the address copied, deleted “Webcal” and proceeds to replace it with “Http”.
  • Press the key “Enter”

Get your calendar

In this way, the browser will proceed to download .ics file extension, which contains all the information of the calendar was in iCloud. This file will be’ll use now in Google Calendar.


  • Enter the configuration Google Calendar .
  • Click on the “Import and Export” .
  • Select the “Import”.
  • Locate and select the .ics file extension that you downloaded above.
  • Click on the “Import” .

In the few minutes later, all events, appointments, reminders, birthdays and other information stored in the calendar of iCloud, will be included in your Google Calendar, so also you can see your Google Calendar on your desktop PC easily.

Important reminder

Once you’ve completed the process of exporting your calendar, it is essential that deactivate the option of public calendar . If you have no interest in re-use the information in iCloud, delete your calendar.

That avoid so that others can have easy access to information. It may not be very relevant, but when it comes to computer security measures, never hurts.

Within minutes

Now that you know how to export a calendar to Google Calendar iCloud, and can further configure other aspects of your devices. Knowing that you have all the necessary information regarding dates and reminders on your new Android device .

This type of information is very simple, but, nevertheless, is not the means of many people. So, do not hesitate to test this knowledge and share them with friends and family. Make the most of this app and learn to use all its features!

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