Meet Vs Google Hangouts Which Of The Two Apps Is Better?

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Messaging applications have represented for us a great way to communicate. Thanks to them, we can interact in real time and instantly with others.

Google Meet vs Hangouts Which of the two App is better?

This has completely changed our world has allowed us to grow as a society because communications are made in a much easier way. We currently have many instant messaging applications .

These applications we can find available for multiple platforms and operating systems. Which provide us with tools that make us much easier things such as send and receive files.

Meet vs Google Hangouts Which of the two is better?

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Other tools that are very striking is the ability to make Video calls where you can talk and see the people with whom we communicate. There are applications that allow this type of group calls form .

This is very interesting, because we have the possibility of not talking to one, but with many people at once by video call. Depending on the application we use varies the number of members allowed to make these calls.

Thus it is important to know to choose the instant messaging application that best suits our needs. Currently there are many companies who have dedicated themselves to develop such applications, one of which is Google.

This company has spent years developing these applications, with the passing of time has the perfected and we currently presents some very interesting applications. On the other hand, being in constant development Google has released several apps at once .

This is a very interesting though inconvenient, usually users of these programs tend to be a little confused. This happens because they do not know clearly what they offer each of them.

Recently, Google has launched two messaging applications Google Meet and Google Hangouts . These applications have caused a stir on consumers, because some concerns about what they really offer each is presented.

For this reason it was decided to prepare this article, where the different qualities and tools that offer the same compared. After that decision, which one best meets their functions and what is better.

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Google Hangouts

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This is an application created by Google in 2013, originated with the merger of Google messaging applications. Currently anchored works with Gmail for Video calls fulfills its functions well.

Among the most important features are that is available completely free , we can find as web service and as mobile app. Can make video calls to a maximum of 10 participants.

text messages can only be performed in the web version in the mobile app version we can not send messages. In the Web version the limit for group chats is 150 members.

Meet Google

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what it is and how it works Meet Google. This application originated as such in 2017, the main features offered are performing the video calls from the web version . A Google Hangouts the like can be launched from our Gmail account.

Since its launch was a paid application, you could enjoy from the web version and mobile app. But Google recently launched a can use free and < a href = ""> get the most out of Google Meet .

This version is limited , but you can make video calls with up to 60 minutes, is expected to soon remove this restriction. Text messages can be performed only during video calls.

What is Google Hangouts or Google better Meet?

According to the features that were specified on the two applications has made the decision that Google Hangouts is better . Since it is a much more complete and offers more advanced application features such as to use the messaging service.

However, this depends on the individual and the needs of the consumer. Although generally most population using these apps choose Google Hangouts, because of the features it offers.

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