How I Can Schedule A Meeting At Google Meet Quick And Easy

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Google Meet is the platform that Google has launched with the idea of ​​providing its users to create video with it is possible to collaborate and connect in real time with your loved ones and co-workers assures you that your are of high quality videoconferencing and has the possibility of adding up to 250 people online the same time. This way you will have you need to use Google Meet and get the most.

How can I schedule a meeting in Google Meet Fast and Easy

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Key Features:

  • Ability to perform and record meetings Meet Google safely and their videoconferences are encrypted and anti-abuse features proactive measures.
  • Organize your unlimited video conferences in HD.
  • Ability to share the screen with other users where you can display content such as documents, slides, among others.
  • Easy access, sharing a link to your’ll guests give you the chance to join with one click from any browser desktop or mobile , in the latter we must have application Meet.
  • Ability to make presentations with real-time subtitle thanks to its voice to text technology available on Google.

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How I can schedule a meeting at Google Meet?

  1. To begin, we must join our google account and then enter the website Meet ( .
  2. Once you have accessed the website have the option to join or create a meeting, below this can display a list of pending meetings.
  3. We will click on the “join a meeting or create” , there will open a window pop we asked to enter a nickname or code meeting in case you want to join one. To schedule our own meeting can enter a nickname or leave this field blank and click ” continue”.
  4. will redirect to a new page where you can visualize how Meet prepare your video and pre display your webcam to configure the audio and video from your computer or mobile.
  5. Just to the side of your camera find the “Join Now” and will enter the click to a new page which will allow you to add people to your video.
  6. The first option gives you the copy is a link where you must send each person and so may attend your meeting. The second option is to click on the button “Add people” to send you a list of contacts, which provides your email, and there you will have the possibility to invite each of them.
  7. Once selected contacts need to click the button to send invitation.  application google video conference meet
  8. This way you have created and configured your Meet meeting , you can view the screen and see your guests in real time with excellent quality. At the bottom you have buttons that allow you to cut the video, mute the microphone and disable the video.
  9. In the upper right corner find a tab called ” chat” where you can access a menu where accounts with a chat room for group guests and another room individual chat, where you can send private messages to each member of your videoconference.
  10. As an added will see in the lower right corner, an icon that lets you share your screen in real time with other people who are in your video. Meet has the ability to remove members from your meeting with just click on the “delete”.
  11. On one side of the share button “find” menu “options” where we can record the meeting and access a video on your computer or mobile at the end of the video. There you will find the options “ captions enabled “, ” change the design”, “fullscreen”, “Settings” and more.
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