How I Can Record A Meeting In Google Meet Easily

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Google meet is a tool handy at this time of work and study at home, just as we can keep in touch with other employees, they can aprovechar mode with students and teachers can keep in touch with classmates, it is a very efficient tool, used to make 60 minute video , with a limit of 30 people, is a very useful tool, did you know that you can record any meeting at Google Meet? Today we’ll show you and do it in a very easy way to see below.

How can I record a meeting in Google Meet Easily

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Can I record a meeting in Google ? Meet

To record a video follow step by step provided below:

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  1. You must enter your Gmail email. Once there you go to the Google applications that are on the top right. Then click there and looking Meet the Google application.
  2. Again click there and will appear the Google home screen Meet, where you can program the meeting quickly or have the option to click “start or join a meeting” proceeds to click there, start meeting.
  3. proceeds to write the name of that meeting. Dale click below and your camera and microphone will be activated and pre-visualization. And you need to click on “ Join hour “.
  4. entering can add people , and copying the link will forward the invitation by several methods: Gmail, WhatsApp and Messenger. Or on the other hand, if accounts mails participants can also hopes to add from there.
  5. To record our videoconferencing need to click the 3-point “ More Options ” that appears on the bottom left.
  6. A entering there you’ll find the first option “ Record Meeting ” you click there, and you ask for a consent dale click OK. Something we should note is that the consent is for all participants are on both of being recorded.
  7. Now if on the other hand want to stop recording again would you click on “more options” and proceed to give click Stop Recording . And a confirmation window is displayed, you must confirm and video recording will stop.
  8. How could you notice is very easy to record a video by Google Meet do not stop trying . Let’s look at where we can find our previous recording. video

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    Where did I find the recording Meet on Google?

    Well, find it by Google Drive under a folder named meet & nbsp recordings, where all our recordings are automatically saved. But there is another way: How Receiving an email with the recording things much easier because you can resend the class or meeting someone who was unable to arrive in time


    Google Disadvantage Meet

    • Students have access to all the tools panel , including the option of recording. They can silence others and even take classes. It is a very negative truth.

    As we have seen Google Meet is a unique tool of use, not only allows users to hold talks for a long time but is very useful in this era of telecommuting and allows you share screen while you use it at meetings, something very important when you communicate with your students or colleagues.

    We hope you all the information is very useful, and you can get the most out of Google Meet , you share with other people interested the subject. Remember the more you share the more information we can create more content thought of you. Leave us the bottom valuable your comments, we love to read.

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