How To Remove Or Delete My Google Account Android Phone Easily

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because of the excellent service that offers users the href = “”> and there are many who want to open an account. But sometimes it happens that a number of possible causes that want to remove this account and you want to delete. To do this, we bring you the following tutorial will show the steps necessary to delete or cancel my account easily Google Android Celular.

It is very easy to record and add a Google account in your Smartphone functions of the Android operating system. But it is to do the opposite, which is to delete the account or delete it is not as simple as people think. It is the option that allows you this is not accessible naked eye, but quiet here’ll show you how.

There are several reasons that can lead to remove or delete the Google Account my Android phone for example because we will buy another mobile and want to sell it.

Or simply because we do not want Google’s services and we will have another. O may not know how to use the application of a safe and do not know how to enable secure password generator .

How to remove or delete the Google Account my Android phone easily

Remember – before you start this tutorial that the measures presented here may differ slightly and will depend on the make and model of the Android device you use. But in general, are the basic steps you need to follow.

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Let see what the procedure so you can Remove or delete my account easily Google Android Celular .

To do this, we run on our mobile screen and the house will look for parameters. Being in this window must find and choose the accounts, as every time it goes very well so far.

Before continuing, it is important that you know that if we performed   changes in the appearance settings, it is possible that the organization of your options are not the same.

This raises a little difficult to find your location. If you are struggling to place it, you simply write in the account search parameters and find faster.

Account Deletion Google my Android phone easily

Now we are in the Accounts window and here we can see the different accounts that have logged on the mobile.

Depending on the amount they are, there may be many of these, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. the next step you need to do is click on the account to remove, in our case is Google.

In the press, you will see information about the account and a small window opens and must click on the delete account option.

Done this step will open a popup where you confirm that you want to remove or delete the account. To do this, you need to click again on the account option Delete.

The system this question twice, to see if you are sure of your intentions because this is irreversible and when you want to add to a new account, but you have to make the entry process email e- email and enter a password and therefore

back system to register your details.

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This is the simple process, you need to remove or delete my Google Celular Android . He has no problems, just the fact of not knowing where to find the option that allows you to do this. In this way, we hope that we finish this article was an effective way to help.

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