How To Register And Activate Google Account Stadia To Play From Anywhere

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Technology advances, and services such as streaming are increasingly popular. Google Stadia is different, is not a streaming service itself, but instead offers an online platform through which you can play. You will learn how to register and activate Google account Stadia to play from anywhere.

How to Register and Activate Google Account Stadia to play from where want

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Google’s new proposal, Stadia aims to be the direct competitor of Geforce Now , another thought service triple play video games on virtually any device. This expands the possibilities for those without a console or a powerful computer. Please read the following information for register with Google Stadia .

What you should know about using Google Stadia

Google Stadia is a new service through which you can do streaming video games . In other words you can play high level games through your Internet connection from different devices. In any case before installing this interesting software you have to consider some points.

Just like that, as well as GForce Now lets play PC games on Android devices , Stadia Google intends to do the same, being an alternative to the previous software has positioned itself very well lately.

 Playing with Stadia

speed Internet

Currently the standard in video games is to use 1080P resolution, likewise it sought the experience of to the least 60FPS . This is also what Google recommends Stadia platform in any case it is necessary to have a good internet.

In the case of the previous resolution, it is recommended at a rate of at the least 25 MB/s, which will allow in most cases play a high rate of performance (60 FPS) with lots of detail at 1080p.

Understanding the requirements of the page, we recommend that your Internet speed is of a less 25MB to make the experience enjoyable and fun. Fortunately possible to measure the speed of your Internet connection with a speed test Wi-Fi very easily.


While Stadia intended to be compatible with many devices, it is possible that some few are not compatible. For this reason we believe it is essential to check whether your device is compatible with Google Stadia.

This is mainly important for mobile , ie cell phones, as in the case of computers, compatibility is higher. The truth is that high-end devices usually work very well with Stadia, so no need to worry if you already have a good cell.

How to register and activate Google account Stadia to play from anywhere

The process to acquire Google Stadia is quite simple but you have to consider some factors. then reads the information we have to give you, so you will find everything you need to know register at Stadia.

  1. The first step is to just go to the official website of Google Stadia, which you can access through the following link Stadia .
  2. Once you find inside the official site of the application must locate the section purchase, which will access through the option to purchase, which should appear in a red rectangle .
  3. Press on buying, then the page will direct you to a new tab. In this screen those countries where Google Stadia service is available will appear.
  4. Locate your country and press on it. In the event that you are in another country at the moment, the warning screen appears, only need to press on the continue.
  5.  Playing with Google Stadia command

    You must bear in mind that Google Stadia is a paid service, although there are a few free applications, others require payment. Find good about charges that may occur, also respect we recommend inform you about the other possibilities offered by the application.

    As noted above, there are many variations of these characteristics. For example Steam also can play with devices like iPod, iPad or Android , all through Steam Link your new service, so we invite you to try each of them and stay with the one you like.

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