What Is Google Cloud Platform? How Does It Work And What Is It?

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As we know, Google is always looking for ways to innovate in terms of ways to benefit their users. In this sense you talk in great detail about a new platform that is available for businesses called Google Cloud Platform , which has had very good reviews in recent years.

What is Google Cloud Platform? How does it work and what is it?

What it is & nbsp; Google Cloud Platform?

In summary accounts, Google Cloud Platform is a suite of tools and services that Google used only internally but is now available for any business you need to meet your needs and improve their performance in terms of business processes.

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It is said that this platform offers all the tools Google cloud that were previously available separately, among which are:. Machine learning, big data, networking and computing

How does Google Cloud Platform?

With the set of tools we provide Google Cloud Platform we can make designs, testings and launch new apps from the Google Cloud Storage more security and scalability, as this platform has an impressive infrastructure that far surpasses its competitors.

tools offered by Google Cloud Platform

In this part we made a brief summary of the most important and useful tools that have Google Cloud Platform to enable users to make the most possible.

  • Computing: This group of tools are helpful to the field of computing, because we have App engine, which allows us to improve the design of applications, compute engine is a great alternative to power computing to virtual machines. Finally we have Kubernetes engine that specializes in getting the most out of the two previous ones in order to create a powerful hybrid system.

    & nbsp;

    How Google Cloud Platform

    • Networking: these tools can manage perfectly everything that relates directly to the network. For example, we can connect or configure virtual machines and networks, manage information DNS, VPN and firewalls without problems.
    • Storage: thanks to this Google Cloud Platform feature we have a variety of tools storage in the cloud. Google Cloud has MySQL, NoSQL serving for data storage and also have higher performance to that offered by competing platforms.
    • Big Data: here we have at hand various tools and applications that facilitate things we time to consult and process big data in the cloud of Google. These tools offer us so much analysis, processing and display of data in a completely efficient and with few restrictions.
    • Machine Learning: Finally, with this feature have at our disposal automated learning of computers through the application patterns . This is because Google has its own tools Machine Learning, and Learning Cloud Engine Machine,
      which constantly generate mathematical models based on the compilation and exhaustive analysis of them.

      What are the advantages of Google Cloud Platform for business?

      Then we’ll show you all the advantages Google Cloud Platform and how they can benefit businesses, since the end that is the goal of this wonderful platform. We invite you take a look to this section to understand the benefits of Google Cloud.

      • This platform is open source, so it gives us great flexibility and scalability, as we all tools to customize to our liking according to the needs and objectives of the company.

        google steps using Platform

        • On the other hand has a very reliable security system, has no scheduled downtime and also their networks are private. Thus, Google has been shielded against cyber attacks that could be carried out against this platform.
        • Another important point that you Google Cloud Platform offers very innovative tools , so the companies that decide to use will be spearheading the digital transformation in terms of big data and machine learning.
        • Last but not least, many of the features and tools that provides this platform Google are completely free. However, it also has very affordable for almost any company can acquire premium tools.

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