What It Is, What It Does And How Google Lens Is Used? -Step By Step Guide

 google what lens and what is

The Google Lens is one of the applications of the technology market has revolutionized its wonderful function. And we know that the technology giant is always in constant innovation, leading to the market the latest technology. Being one of the best products, tools and services that Google offers.

In this case we are talking about implementing Google Lens. A wonderful application that lets you see where to buy pants that have the person in the film, Or anything else ! Can use it to translate some text instantly, among many examples I can give you About Google Lens . it is for this reason that, through this section, you will be teaching all about implementing Google Lens


What is Google Lens?

Launched for 2017, the application is basically a recognition technology any image. Therefore, it is able to use Google Lens with images of Google Photos on Android without problems.

Google Lens has the ability to be able to identify objects and then display the information on them by searching Google . Distinguishes objects by using pictures, text and other distinctive characteristics, and then search the Internet to find matches. it can be used with your smartphone camera to identify objects in real life. It can also be used to identify things on the screen using the screenshot .

Using the lens of Google and its function

The fastest way to access the application Google Lens is long press the start button until the wizard Google opens.

 cell using google lens

When it does, touch the compass icon to the right. Once the browser page opens, you will see the icon Google Lens to the left of the icon of the microphone. Touch the icon Google Lens, if ever you have configured, Google will welcome you and give you links for you to read your “Privacy Policy and Terms of service”.

You must select the “icon” of Google Lens to continue. You should now see points across the screen, looking for something to analyze. For example, a cup of coffee. If the application of Google Lens analyze costs, is will ask you to tap what you want to focus.

Tap the icon of the shopping cart or the search icon, and you’ll get search results about what they could find. this option allows you to analyze virtually any object you want. Surely it makes your life a little easier when searching for an object.

Other Options

In addition to the functions you named above, the application of Google Lens also has other tools will help you with day to day, such as:

Translate real-time text

The first option is option to translate text in real time. The original text will be covered by the text of the language to which you want to translate. This is one of the ways to like Google Lens app works.

 google calligraphy scanning lens

If you have your settings for automatic detection, Lens Google detect the language itself. If you choose to change the language for yourself, tap “ Options ” to show you the language. On the next page, the automatic detection will be underlined, tap it and choose your language. Repeat for the second language.

Add a business card to contacts

Even in the digital age, some people still handing out business cards. To convert you received a contact, make the app the scan with the search option. In addition to getting results, you’ll see an option to “Add Contact”. A pulsar option, the card information will be added as a contact.

Scans barcodes on Google Lens

Thanks to the application, you will not need one of those scanners supermarket for information about a product. If you find that you have trouble focusing on the barcode, touch the right screen part of the bar code and touch to select the option “search”.

This sample search results. Touch the picture and get all kinds of information on what you’ve searched, including where you can buy it. Scan virtually anything and will give all possible information.

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