How To Activate And Install On A Tablet Android 5.0 Or Higher Without Root Wizard Google

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The virtual assistants have become something important in the daily lives of many people. The fact that you can messages Send text, search for images or even to identify music you do not know through simple voice commands is an extraordinary thing that makes our life much easier, so you know how Wizard works Google and its main functions is mobile essential.

How to Activate and Install Android 5.0 on a tablet or superior without Root Wizard Google

By the same token, many people have sought to buy an intelligent speaker as the case of speakers Amazon to talk to Siri and it controls your tasks of the day. And Google , has not been left far behind.

It has

been a while since Google implemented using Google Assistant, and has been a breakthrough in the company. This is due to how the Assistant Google is complemented with your devices Android , so have sought to improve and adapt best to all devices, but this does not mean you can not make the href=””>

However, some time ago Google made an Update in which the tablets were left without Assistant Google for unclear reasons. So you may feel disappointed you.

Although there are ways to have the Wizard Google on your tablet without ROOT thanks to advances and wits of certain people. So, if you want to have this personal assistant directly to your tablet , look below how you can have it.

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Getting Assistant Google on your tablet

Then we will give you a step by step easy to do it is you have to do to install the Wizard Google in your Tablet. But note that this tutorial is designed for devices that hold as Android 5.0 operating system or higher, so you have a previous operating system, you can not work.

Also, do not forget that you can only work on English , so you can take it as a good way to practice the language. Look how:

  1. To start, you need to select English as the default language of your tablet, which can be done through your device settings.
  2. Once the language is changed, go to the Play Store and download the ActivityLauncher, a tool that lets you monitor detailed aspects of the activity of your Android device into your applications.
  3. When you have it installed, select Allactivities from the top menu, and application Google searches. Then select it and choose “ “.
  4. Here you see a window called Explore, and then will select the tab YourStuff.
  5. Now, you have to press the AddReminder , and you can see how Google Wizard appears on your screen. Then all you have to do is use your voice to that it can recognize your voice and your commands.
  6. Finally, note that you can not use the start button to call Assistant Google, but you’ll have to activate voice saying “ Ok Google ” because of how this process works.

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    Why should you have the Wizard Google?

    Now, you’re probably also wondering why you should have a personal assistant on your device, and more specifically Google Assistant. Actually the answer is simple : all about comfort


    It’s the equivalent of having a href=””> with this you can do many tasks by simply raising the wrist. With Assistant Google can send messages, make appointments on your calendar, search for music, buy products, add reminders or alarms, and much more. You can basically do almost all tasks with your device Voice . Something quite clever.

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