How To Use And Set Up My Device Google Home? -Very Easy

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Google has developed a lot of home devices, they have made life easier for many users, so any Google Home device will be welcome in a home.

These devices warrant a configuration to work together, all this is done through a Google application itself to facilitate the use thereof.

The device Google Home allows users to use voice commands to interact with support services Google, facilitate the daily life of the person who owns it, helping you make tares so simple how to make phone calls to your contacts or more complex tasks how to translate conversations.

How to set up a Google Home device?

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You should know that using any of these devices will be based on the application « Google Home » an app developed by the same Google


The first thing you have to do a time you purchased your new device, you will get the app you mentioned.

Now you just have to turn it on and start with the configuration process . In the app, sign in with your Google account, this will give you access to the setup menu.

Find the device

On the screen you see a button with the word « Add + «, click this and select « Configure Device » & gt ; « new Configure Device «.

The application will perform a search for devices which show the device is on, now you just have to set it up.

Setting the device

Normally the application takes you by the hand during the setup process, you’ll encounter some important steps.

Connect your device to the Wi-Fi with which enlazaras everyone else, in this way generate connection between each device Google Home you have.

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Assign name and location , indoors, if you have, for example, several Chromecast must give a name to each so that the app can identify them.

Testing device

After completing the steps, you will have to test whether the configuration is successful, try ringing the device or an app that allows.

If the test is successful, you are ready to configure any other device you want to add to your home group, the steps are the same for any device.

How to use a Google Home device?

The connection via Wi-Fi of these devices allows their use is something quite simple, it is recommended that in your home group provided you include Home Nest or Google Home.

These devices function as intelligent assistants, so you can handle all other devices with this using your voice command.

Well, now you just have to learn to manage your devices, whatever may be on or off you can do by voice command.

On the other hand, devices like Chromecast, work with your Smartphone or tablet , with which you can play on your TV.

Is it good to use Google Home?

Google has developed technology that has reached a lot of devices . Having switches, vacuum cleaners, light bulbs, speakers, televisions and many more.

We consider this technology as a taste of the future, that is no longer so far away, it can greatly facilitate life within home.

Anyone want to have a wizard to adjust light, temperature, music volume or simply turn off the light before bedtime.

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Consider that can automate a lot of tasks, such as making shopping lists, set alarms, help children with their homework and so much more.

Devices that you should have at home

The first thing you have at home is a wizard, you can choose from the Google Nest Hub or Google Home easier.

In addition, you can buy Smart bulbs you can connect to your devices, so you can change the light of a space easily.

Finally, we hope this tutorial will be useful to start using Google Home that device that you purchased. Take the time to try and gradually add new devices to your home.

If you get to present any problems you may need to reset or reset your device settings Google Home factory.

If instead everything works wonderfully not hesitate to connect your mobile device to the device Google’s Home and have fun putting play your favorite music from your phone through the speakers.

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