How To Use And Make Advanced Searches Tool Google Browser

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Normally when we have any doubt, the most common is to visit internet to find any information. And for this the most used browser is Google Chrome because it allows all kinds of search , fast and efficient, making it one of best web browsers 2020.

How to use and make advanced searches Tool Google Browser

But not always get the specific content they’re looking for. Sometimes we find related information and sometimes may get issues that have nothing to do with what you’re looking for.

It is precisely for this reason that we turn to perform Advanced search . Since Fortunately, Google Chrome offers this tool is very useful to get any information you want. But, you know How does it work? know How to perform an advanced search on Google Chrome

If your answer to these questions is no, then you are in the right place. Because in this post we will show you how you can make your advanced searches easily and quickly. So you can find information according to your needs.

What is an advanced search for Google Chrome?

First, it is important to know that there are different search engines or search engines which can change the search engine Google Chrome on Android .

Typically, search engines have the option of making a search more specific , which allows find the exact content of what we are looking for.

It is also possible to search through images. Specifically, through the advanced search Google Chrome , users can further limit the search you want to perform and thus get results immediately and appropriate to the type of search.

Use and search tool with advanced browser Google

To do this we must follow some steps:

 google advanced search settings

  • Next, you must add the search terms in ‘Show pages containing “ or” Show pictures containing “
  • Then you have added what you want to search, you can go to the section “Then restricts the result” You can use the filters you want.
  • Finally click Advanced Search and immediately the browser will deliver the results.

 restrict search results advanced google

advanced search functions of Google Chrome

Advanced search Google Chrome has several options, among which are:

  • Show Results : Advanced search us to find results through several options, which are: all these words (in this field we can add all the words and immediately gives us results according all the words you added).
  • Another alternative is using a word or exact phrases (so you’ll get an answer according to that phrase).
  • Another way is with any of these words (in which case you must use the OR command between each word) and none of these words (in this case we mustard pages that do not contain the words on the search box).
  • Number per page : Choose the number of results that we get per page
  • Language : We can also choose which language we want our search results displayed
  • .

  • Region : With this option you can choose the region where you want to get the information
  • File format : You can also choose the format you want information
  • .

  • Date: This option is very important because we can select the date for a newer or updated search
  • .

  • presence : Through the drop-down menu you can select which part of the page we want the search to be performed
  • .

  • Domain : Here we discriminate or limit the search for a website
  • .

  • Use Rights: We can make that search results can be shared or edit
  • Safe Search : This option allows you to change the browser settings. We can apply filters to avoid adult content from appearing in any of the search results. Given that you can also remove Google Chrome SafeSearch filter .

If you wish to perform advanced search with images, you must follow the same steps and use the same functions explained above.

Finally, we hope this post has helped him help. However we would like to know your opinion You could perform advanced search easily? Let us mention to your answer in.

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