Making Calls With Google Voice Hub Nest Free

 voice calls with Google Nest Hub

Google has been reinvented with new applications and devices to make your life easier and save your valuable time, with the convenience of the internet; one of his latest is Google Nest Hub. But can you certain questions arise as, What is and what is it? and how to make voice calls with Google Nest Hub? All this and more’ll explain below.

Making calls with Google voice Hub Nest Free

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Google Nest Hub

new device , created to simplify your daily tasks has a speakerphone feature added with a super 7-inch screen. For example, Google Nest Hub can ask what you want when you want and watch any video tutorial. Also, you can ask to put your favorite music and a lot of things, while doing other daily activities .

In addition, you facilitates the use of your other devices; Nest Hub to control your home smart devices, such as security, so we can ask you to show on screen who is at your door asking.

 google assistant Hub Nest

On the other hand, Nest Hub has built the Assistant Google , you can ask to show the calendar to see your pending activities and add appointments and notes for events or future events can forget while you’re cooking, cleaning or anything else, simplifying your time. In fact, you can Google set the screen Hub Nest iPhone or Android.

We also can ask to play videos, or link with Netflix google Nest Hub ; this tool can pause the video or movie, it forward or seek other regarding the subject, using just your voice. Another wonderful advantage is that thanks to the 7-inch screen locations can see and ask for where you want to go or who are closer to your home.

Making voice calls

Since device can make voice calls with Google Nest and for this only you do is enter the Google Home and enter your account, then you must go to the section service where a list will appear functions; The first is that we are looking for: Voice calls video to treading that option opens a tab application voice and video, where you leave the section Google Duo .

You must put your phone number in order to activate the tab on your mobile device Google Nest Hub, you’ll do to activate the option the office. Remember, to make the call the other person should also have enabled Google Duo.

To start you enter the application and click option to access , where you will be asked to verify the phone number you put above. Then a list of your contacts appear also use Google Duo but if the list is not the person you want to call, press the Invite and she must accept to make the call.

 video calls with calls Nest Hub

Finally, to make the call have to use the voice command or the assistant Google: Ok Google, call .. or have a video call with Duo … to call who you want when you want by using the Google Duo .

To end the call you just say Ok Google, end the call or hang or ends the call ; In addition, you can set what time you want to receive calls and when not, to the set the option Leisure Time ; you can also make calls and ads directly to other screens and speakers that are in your home.

What practical and novel have become these new Google devices. Do not expect to use them and to simplify your life, saving the valuable time you have.

Use this newly created voice calls with Google Nest Hub or video calls you want with the help of Google Duo. Feel free to share this information and use it to invite your friends and family. Do not wait, you can leave your comments and suggestions on the bottom.

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