What It Is And What Is The Button «I Feel Lucky» Of Google?

The big brands always have something that characterizes, for example, Apple has its classic apple bite, while Google has a classic button I’m Feeling Lucky , you wonder what it is and What is the button «I feel lucky» of Google? Through the following article will answer this question.

What is and what is the button ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ from Google?

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With the passage of time or the company Google has brought interesting options and applications. Such is the case of the possibility of enable plugins or extensions in Chrome , but long before curious have brought proposals, said the case of «I feel lucky.»

The button I feel lucky often goes unnoticed, there are very few who know in depth what the goal and purpose of this button , which we discuss you in detail below.

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What it is and what is the button «I feel lucky» of Google?

You may not have fallen into account but the search for Google has more than 20 years, being more specific came to light in 1997. Gradually won the space that other searchers they could not get, becoming the most important and later in what is perhaps the most visited website history.

The Google search engine is characterized by Allow search for any term and show similar results from many websites. In the past this was not possible, was to directly enter each website, which Google began as a very useful proposal which today is still very relevant.

Indeed Google completely changed the way in which the Internet is used, in fact, perhaps largely because there was this amazing search engine relevance of this service today. Added to this, some questions are very characteristic, such as colors and letters used, but also other specific aspects of the search engine.

One of them is undoubtedly the button «I’m Feeling Lucky», a very popular choice and features exceptional this search engine, but you ever wondered What is the I’m Feeling Lucky button? through the following article will answer this question in turn will illustrate this interesting feature that is often overlooked.

What is the I’m Feeling Lucky button?

The button I feel lucky works differently option conventional search engine, which is written for a specific term and the results are displayed for the search. I feel lucky works differently, here also seek that specific term, but instead the system will redirect you to a page .

In fact, using the «I’m Feeling Lucky» each time you perform a search, Google will redirect to the page that appears as first result in Google searches . This means that the typical list of all results, however, immediately you will appear within the first one will not be displayed.

One of the most interesting features of this feature, you will not see any advertising, since go directly to that page you were looking (at the least in most cases). Undoubtedly is an interesting feature that often goes unnoticed by most users and that added to block ads Google Chrome , it can help to have an excellent experience on surfing the Internet.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the button I’m Feeling Lucky

Certainly the use of this feature of Google has some aspects that you must consider. Then we discuss some of the most common advantages and disadvantages related to this interesting function of Google:

Vas directly to your result

Undoubtedly the main use of this feature is that you can go directly to the first search result. For example, if you were looking Facebook, you enter directly to the platform Facebook, which has some use to avoid wasting time and not to run into advertising that sometimes can be annoying.

Sometimes it’s not what you wanted

Unfortunately, the main drawback of this feature is that, the lead directly to the first search result, often directs us to the wrong page . If for example you are looking for is in third place, you will be directed to another site.

The truth is that the button is no longer as relevant as in the past. Moreover, there are still interesting options like the best useful extensions for Google Chrome , which will surely end up using more then the button «I feel lucky.»

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