What You Are Needed In Order To Use Google Meet And Get The Most Out?

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Video conferences are becoming more used by business, students and families; So Google has made available to its users free use of Google Meet intended to meet the communication needs of its users. In this post we will tell What is required to use Google Meet and make the most

What is needed to use Google Meet and Make the Most?

What is required to use Google Meet?

use Google To Meet need to meet the requirements that this requires, then you can see some of them:

Items needed:

  • Internet .
  • Computers with operating systems that support Google Meet; for example, Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Chrome OS, Ubuntu and other Linux distributions based on Debian.
  • You can use mobile devices with Android, iPad and iPhone operating systems; also you need to install the Google Meet application.
  • Updated version of the browser you will use (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge).
  • You need to have a webcam integrated computer or can connect one through USB; In addition you need a microphone and Speakers to listen and participate in the meeting. On a PC laptop, smartphone or tablet need the front camera is operating properly.

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  • It is essential when making a video to be in a quiet place without any distractions. It is also necessary to have good lighting.
  • Something that is obvious and necessary in a video conference are participants. The maximum number of participants varies depending on the edition of G Suite you use.

Requirements for accessing a videoconference with Google Meet:

  1. An administrator must enable Suite G Meet in your organization (calendar); we can say that this is like an invitation.
  2. To create a videoconference need to log in to a Account G Suite (Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Paper, Play, YouTube, AdSense, etc.).
  3. If you’re going to join a videoconference not need to have an account at Suite G; but if you need the link or ID of the meeting to join the meeting. If you have not been invited, that it is, if you’re outside the organization, must approve your participation as a member of the organization.
  4. You can access a video marking a phone number plus a PIN, this feature is available if administrators function activated.
  5. Highlights:

    • It is important that the web browser you use this updated with latest version , because you can have trouble enjoying some features offered by Google Meet.
    • If you are using the application on your mobile device, it is essential to update the app whenever available.
    • virtual cameras do not work for use in Google Meet.
    • Meet has limited compatibility with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser 11, so it is advisable to use other browser to enjoy all the benefits of Google Meet.

    Tips to get the most out of Google Meet

    The Google Meet can use tricks to make the most so users work faster. Then we explain you can do with Google Meet:

    • Use Google Chrome extension

    Low If the Google extension Meet in your browser Google Chrome will be easier and faster access to the application. You can also install an extension of emoji so you have a variety of emoticons when you send messages in the application.

    • Record Meeting

    Google Meet you can record the video then use it, that the meeting content Google Drive will be saved upon completion. If you record a meeting the other participants will receive a notification that the meeting is being recorded.

    • Share Screen

    When videoconferences are held usually presentations, photos or images are displayed so that you can share screens using Google Meet to submit your information.

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    To enable this feature you open the presentation on your computer before joining a video conference & gt; When you enter Google Meet click on the «More functions» & gt option; Choose «Screen Sharing» .

    • Sets the image quality

    Google can Meet various configurations and including improving the quality of the image. What you must do is move the cursor over the video call & gt; When you select several options «Settings» & gt appear; «Bandwidth» & gt; Select whether you want better image quality incoming or outgoing.

    If you constantly perform videoconferences, begins using Google Meet and enjoy all the benefits of this great application of Google.

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