How To Download And Use A Free Gps Offline On Android Phone Without Internet

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In some places, it seems that it is impossible have a stable internet connection , especially if you find yourself traveling. And it would be good to have tools or applications that allow us to access them offline data.

How to download and use a GPS Offline on Android Phone Free without Internet

heeding the call of many users by this problem, we bring you the next tutorial. how to download and use a GPS Offline in the free Android phone without Internet

It is currently have a GPS on your mobile is useful, find an address, a restaurant, shop fashionable and above all reach our destination. That’s why many mobile devices include among its Google Maps applications and connections GPS . All this to find a route, but we can do this without internet connection.

It has a good while this is possible, you can download to your cell custom maps that show you, addresses, places specific, shops, hotels, etc.

 gps android

But in this case we will show you an application that will give you the opportunity to guide you without being necessary to have internet and best of all completely free. So notice that you do to. download and use a free GPS Offline on Android phone without Internet

How to download and use an Offline GPS in Android phone without internet free

Although it may not seem download this application and use it on our Android phone is very simple as well as change the keyboard my cell. And with the instructions it will be easier to explain yet. First, what you should do to download and use a free GPS Offline on Android phone without internet, is the following.

Let’s download the app, this is called Offline Maps & amp; Navigations , and you can download for free from the Play Store or directly from the Link .

If you look closely at the online store can find many applications like this, that offer very similar features, so if you want you can download your preference.

It is important to know that this app to the download and install in your cell, you must also download maps and this will occupy much of your memory space. You must be clear on this aspect, after the application is installed, you open it. This application works equally with data or no data.

The advantage of working with data that is updated in real time, so if a problem occurs or a sudden traffic, you show it at the time. Which it does not happen when you are offline or connection. And will show on the map the last update I tube before losing the connection.

How to use Offline GPS in Android phone without Internet

After downloading the App to your Android phone, we can use it in a very simple way, if we see that it works properly, will turn off the data and WiFi connection.

After this is done, open the application back and we can see that the map will show, with street addresses, commercial establishments, hotels, etc.

It’s like you have a map on your phone and this will orient similarly, as I have said the only difference with using this application data and no data. It is do not show the events that occur in real time. Rest, you will have no problem to use this fabulous app.

You can also use the browser to orient you, if you are looking for a specific address, if you are looking for a store, if you are looking for a street or avenue. With the map that has this application you do not need to have WiFi connection or you spend your data plan.

download gps mobile

As you can see, is convenient to use this GPS on your phone Android, which is completely free, you do not need internet access and very easy to download, install and use. And so we’ve taught a new application which can download and use an Offline GPS in Android phone without internet for free.

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