How I Can Change My Account By Someone Other Than Hangouts?

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There are times when you need to change the account is Hangouts on a different device, and many users do not know how. However, it is not more complicated than start a conversation with Hangouts or just eliminar contacts application.

How can I change my account by someone other than Hangouts

respect There are two ways to achieve this , either keeping more than one account initiated on your computer, or closing one and opening a new one.

Whatever the reason and the method you decide to use, both are equally effective, very simple and fast to carry out.

Multiple accounts simultaneously

If what you want is to change the account Hangouts but keeping began more than one < strong> Sign must first have added them.

For that, in the browser of the computer (the first has already begun), is chosen on the profile picture in the upper right to open the “ Menu “.

Then press on the “ Add Account ” what should follow the instructions to log into another account you want.

If, on the other hand, is a mobile equipment, can be done from the “ Settings ” of the same, in the “ Users and Accounts “.

Within this area, you have to move the view to coming up with “ Add Account “, then the method indicated to follow the login instructions.

Another more direct way to do this is on the same computer, run the Gmail App, and select the small arrow to be found to the right of the e-mail. This is one of the ways Google Hangouts how it works in Gmail.

In this way, the menu of synchronized accounts, where you can choose the option open “ Add Account “, then select “ Google ” and follow the indications.

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What to do to change the Hangouts account?

Now with properly synced accounts, you can proceed to make the change from one to another without any log.

For a computer

If you were to carry out the process, simply go to the official website of Google Hangouts, and realize that session is predetermined.

This is very obvious, since the same web shows you a message “ Hello, … ” with the name of the person or the name you keep track.

Now, to change, only to steer the cursor to the top right of the screen and clicking on the profile image to open the “ Google Accounts “.

With such an exposed tab, proceed to select with a click on the account you want to use, so a new browser tab opens with it.

And already may use this without having to close any session to get change Hangouts account.

For a mobile computer

In this case the icon & nbsp located with the two quotes that characterizes the App Hangouts, then open the main menu ;. This is in the top left of the screen, and shown as an icon with three parallel horizontal lines.

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In this sense, the default account and the options available to it, but will be displayed if you click on the icon of the other account started you can switch this .

It should be noted that all icons are positioned on the upper left of the screen, and will be very easy to choose between the two.

Closing an account to open another

Although not limiting thing to another, since you can maintain more than one account at the same time, if you still want to close a first, only follow the steps. In mobile, only suffice go to all Google application , like Hangouts and open the main menu.

In the same arrow next pressed to the e-mail to later choose “ Manage accounts ” in this section is pressed on the account in question.

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Then will the button “ Delete account ” and confirm the action for the system to perform. And so you can activate the new account.

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