As Delete Contacts From Google Hangouts

able to communicate with others in writing that are thousands of kilometers away is one of the attractions of current devices mobile . Through a couple of movements of our fingers we can find talking to that family member who is living abroad, or we can join a business conference Company such as Whatsapp Business or commercial Facebook pages.

How to delete contacts from Google Hangouts

These additions to mobile devices is what has made a difference in the world technology today. Much of this is done through different applications made specifically for these purposes. Many of them began as just instant messaging services, but gradually have been added other services, such as video calls.

This has created a huge competition between different applications as the most accessible, safe and easy to use; and many have done an excellent job with respect. But among all these services it is one that comes up. Google Hangouts

obviated by most, Google Hangouts is actually a messaging application very decent if designed within the business aspects for which it was created. Is an application that is designed to talk to your fellow work or your boss simply and where all relevant information is displayed to it.

It’s pretty simple to use and very grain. But as we use it, you’ll probably find that simply having contact us we no longer have, so then how can we explain resolve this.

Deleting contacts in Google Hangouts

It is likely that over time your group of friends or contact Google Hangouts has changed a lot, so you wanted to clean, and you found yourself with the fact that you do not know how to eliminate your contacts google Hanouts. This is because, as such, there is no way to “ delete ” people of Google Hangouts.

Le best way to get rid of people is blocking them, but if you do not want to delete them, you can always hide. If you’re on a computer, you must perform the following process:

  • First, need to enter Hangouts through Google or Gmail .
  • A’ve ever logged on and you are there, find the person you want to hide in your contacts and you will see the button “More” in the form of three points to the side of the contact . Select it.
  • Then you must select the Hide button, to hide this user.

Please note that this person you can keep typing and seeing if you are connected no matter what. Therefore, it is more than you block that user recommended, although you can still see if you’re online or not, you can not write. Also, note that you be careful who you add to your contacts Google Hangouts.

On the other hand if you are on a mobile device, and want to make the process of hiding the contact, enter the application and select the button to create a new conversation. Then, just find the person you want to hide, hold a contact and then select the option to hide.

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The future of Google Hangouts

If you are using Hangouts, you probably want to consider the imminent addition of HangoutsMeets and Hangouts Chat. Hangouts will be discontinued due to various reasons, which Google wanted to focus its efforts on creating these two applications that complement each other in order to focus even more on the business aspect of the use of the application .

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