Recording A Video Call With Hangouts Sound

 Man makes a video call with Hangouts

Google Hangouts communication platform; with the function of sending and receiving instant messages also can make video calls. In addition, you can record sound in a video call with Hangouts with several friends, the same as in Facebook and Skype.

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How to Record Sound in a video call with Hangouts

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Start or start a conversation with Hangouts is very easy; You can talk to 10 users at the same time, these voice calls are free. Are direct calls to mobile or fixed in Canada and the United States and other countries around the world have a cost.

Google Hangouts allow us to have new quality conversations with family or friends via video calls to equal sharing conversation and record videos. Hangouts provides an opportunity for two methods of recording calls. How to implement these steps? Here, we explain everything.

Record a video call with Hangouts Meet sound

Make a video call with Hangouts, I can do with different participants equal that what you visualize on the screen. The recording can be in MP3, MP4, AAC, MOV.

You will have access to the video recording settings Hangout, this will record the voices and expose documents. If not, you are the sponsor of the video call must use a recorder external video call.

 young man doing video calling with mobile

To record during the video call click on more and then record video Then, recording starts and all users. you will see that the video call is being recorded . Finally, the recording click on more again, select Stop Recording Recording. save on Google Drive folder recordings of videoconferences.

Record conversations on Hangouts

You can use 2 external forms of Google Hangouts to record video calls or voice calls these are:

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1. Write to Hangouts with Screen Recorder; This is a program that records on the screen of your PC talks Google Hangouts, this will way to keep recordings of voice calls to the like mediantes video Hangouts on your PC.

What you record will be of excellent quality both images and sound. You must download and install the screen recorder PC Aiseesoft.

2. Record with Hangouts On Air with this method external can stream videos using a YouTube channel or Google+ page and edit videos. For this go to Google Hangouts On Air and click Create a Hangouts On Air.

Then a dialog box appears, Enter your name setting adjusts the public and you choose who you want to see the video. Then, Add more people you add to Hangouts. Although the video to On Air will be a video to the mandatory public .

3. Record video calls with FonePaw

This call recorder on your PC Windows or Mac Select recorder and click on Video Recorder .. Then Choose what you want to record for this click on Recorder Advanced and block and record window and select Hangout window . Thus, during the Video which use other Applications will not be recorded


Enable system sounds activates the camera in Hangouts and microphone so that the voice and the voices of the calls are recorded. Click on Rec at the start the video call, so the recorder will record the entire call.

 Senior man with mobile in hand making a video call

Tips for recording audio in a video call with Hangouts

  • To adjust during the call click on settings and recordings, select Allow so that move the region recording when you are recording.
  • Check the camera or microphone are properly function
  • .

  • Make the call in a quiet place so that other sounds do not interrupt the call
  • .

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  • End all applications you are not using the computer so the call will flow better
  • .

In conclusion can you record a video call with Hangouts? Of course if You can use external recorders without any problem and you can also use Hangouts Meet when you are the sponsor of the video call. With these simple steps engrave a video call to watch it later or show it to others.

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