How To Remove Or Cancel An Account Of Google Hangouts

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The furor sparked the launch of an application like Google Hangouts allowing all its users make video calls with only Open an account and have a YouTube channel. On this platform you can schedule your conference videos and add those contacts who want to be part of it.

How to delete or cancel an account of Google Hangouts

But what happens when I want for some reason stop being part of this application. That is why we present the following tutorial that lets you know how to delete or cancel a Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts can do this very simply and easily from any mobile device. For personal computers or laptops there is no way to delete this account . you can only uninstall the application from your computer and thus no more than this application Handy amenities.

How to remove or cancel an account of Google Hangouts

There is great confusion about whether this respect that one has Google Hangouts or not an account as such. But the truth is that, You have an account at Google and use the different services offered by the platform. These can be Gmail. Picassa, Drive, Google Plus and Hangouts same.

If you are using the application on a personal or laptop, does not exist as such a form or manner that you can delete or cancel an account of Google Hangouts . But it should suffice you uninstall this application on your computer when you want to locate your contacts always going to appear that you are offline.

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If you want to remove or cancel an account of Google Hangouts, via a mobile device. The thing is a little easier, because the application allows you through the iOS and Android systems remove an account from a simpler way. Then we will show you the steps you need to follow for each device.

Delete account Google Hangouts on Android

For you to Delete or cancel a Google Hangouts , on a device that works with Android operating system, you must follow these instructions. You must first go to the application, when you’re there you’ll head to the top left where the icon is three horizontal lines.

When you find it, you put pressure on this icon, after doing this, you’re going to run and press the arrow icon pointing down. I find this to the side of your account when you do this you’ll deploy several options and choose Manage accounts. Do pressure and then select the Google option and finally select your Google account.

Now you’re going to lead the upper part and you select the More option, you have pressure and then the Remove option account. If you follow the steps we have explained, you can delete the account from Hangouts from your Android device. Now, we will list what actions you should take to remove your account iOS devices.

Delete account Hangouts on iOS

Delete or unsubscribe a Google Hangouts on iOS devices running operating systems, we will proceed in the same way. First open the application from your computer, then you go to the left top and make pressure on the three lines icon to enter the menu.

Now you pressure on the arrow icon is pointing down and is the side of your Hangouts account . Now you must press on the Manage Accounts option in the top right you are getting a pencil icon. This option is to edit, then click the account you want to delete must press Remove.

delete account hangouts

And finally, you go to the icon tilde located on the top right and press, thus will be removed or discharged your Google Hangouts. These are simple steps you have to perform on the different devices you can count on.

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