What Does “Active Today” In Google Hangouts?

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There are many applications that have been modified or simply evolve , to be maintain. attention or preference of millions of users in the world

What It means Active today Google Hangouts

This is the case of Google Hangouts which has become an indispensable tool for videoconferences with different users. But sometimes we do not understand very well some of its basic functions. That’s why we bring this article to teach you What does “Active Today” in Google Hangouts?

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For many this is a new tool , but for others already have some time using it especially in the area of ​​business and companies. Because with this application you can make video conferences directly connecting many users at the same time. So you can use Google Hangouts , you must have a Google Plus account.

When you walk into this application, you can see which Hangouts are planned and also going to be able to program your video on the platform. You’ll find options to invite users who want to be present in your next video but there are other functions that do not understand how What does “Active Today” in Google Hangouts?

What does Google Hangouts active today

When we use a new application, many questions arise. But luckily exist people concerned give light in the darkness and make them more understood the different applications we use every day. That’s why we tell you, worry no more, now stay all cleared up.

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One of the things that draws much attention this application that video calls are automatically issued by the YouTube platform. So if for some reason you have not seen live, you always have the opportunity to see a little later by her platform, so whenever you found out what happened.

Now let’s point that concerns us it know the meaning of. “Active Today” in Google Hangouts This is something that draws much attention, because it can be very confusing with another message, which is actual hours or minutes online. These expressions tend to confuse a little because I really do not know they mean.

There are some configuration options that may or may not activate so your contacts can see what you were currently connected. For example, may display the following message active for 20 min or active 2 hours . But this should be the time they were connected last time.

Different messages in Google Hangouts

You can also see the following active message + and that means that the person remained connected within the last 12 hours on the platform Hangouts . These are usually messages that really confuse a lot and even if you can not translate it into Spanish. But for the answer to the question about which means “Active today.”

You can say that this message means that the user has been active on the platform for more than 12 hours and for purposes of the application can still consider this moment as your today. And for that reason, displays this message, it seems a bit confusing but it is actually easier and simpler.

There are other features of this platform Google Hangouts , but equally can be resolved quickly. Perhaps one of the points that does not allow the existence of a greater number of users is this application are the requirements as you must open an account at Google Plus , have a YouTube channel, having a webcam. Etc.

 google hangouts active

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As you can see, we have tried to solve an enigma that many users of the application had been kept in uncertainty. And through this tutorial we have given light to solve it in a good way. And waiting for you has been very helpful explanation you gave on What does “Active Today” in Google Hangouts?

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