How Can I Change The Language On Hbo Easily

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Many even know what it is and how it works HBO but you probably already know that HBO is an intuitive platform that offers a broad content streaming. In which users can enjoy an extensive content, choosing between serial films, documentaries and much more; which offers a month of see

How can I change the language on HBO Easily

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But without a doubt, one of the things that play an important role in HBO is the Language , as it is for some users better view and enjoy content in its original version, while others prefer to opt for another language that is suitable for your country.

Therefore, HBO has an option through which we can change the language as soon as the user wishes. Thus comfortably enjoy your favorite programs. However, if you do not know what the procedure for Change language , do not worry, because then I will explain in detail how it is done.

Change the language on HBO

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Change the language on HBO platform is a process that will allow you to enjoy your series, favorite movies or programs in the language that they prefer. Given that normally entire content offering HBO is in its original language and Spanish .

In addition, the customer can enable subtitles in Spanish to any content except that default is of Spanish origin or part of the Kids section.

Today there are different techniques or methods to change the language on HBO, is that this may vary according to your tastes or depending on what you want to achieve. These methods have are:

  • Change the language audio and subtitles from a particular film
  • Change the application language

Then you explain exactly what each of these options is and how you can do

Change the language audio and subtitles on HBO

If you want to change the language of the audio and subtitles, you need to choose an episode or any content involved. Then, the film or series that have chosen to start playback as usual. So should press the item shaped sandwich comic .

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Normally this option can get at the bottom or in one corner of the player. Once you get only must click on it and choose both audio and subtitles of the content you are viewing.

This allows you to change the dubbed version to version in Spanish and English with subtitles. Similarly, you can turn the subtitles (if you prefer). It is important to note that some titles are available in more languages.

Note that in the case of premiere episodes, only be displayed in your original subtitled version. After a period of 14 days, the same will be available in a dubbed version in Spanish.

It is necessary to consider and note that probably the change the language of audio and subtitles, playback of the selected content will take a few seconds or minutes to restart.

Change the language of the HBO


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Another alternative widely used and useful, is completely change the language of the application. Thus, everything you find within it will be in the language you have chosen as the default. This means that the menu options, title and content of the episode, movie, documentary or series to choose were found in the selected language.

All you have to do to perform this procedure is to enter the app as usual, then go to the Settings Once there, look for the section on Language and choose your preference.

However, you can change it again at any time. In addition, the HBO content provided is independent of its interface. This way, you can have the application in any language and view contents in another language (if preferred by the user).

Note that can cancel your subscription to HBO at any time you want, If you do not fill your expectations.

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Finally, we hope this article has helped him help. However, we like to know your opinion You could change the language on HBO? Do you know another method to change the language in this intuitive platform? Leave your answers in the comments.

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