How Many Megs Consume Data Or Hbo?

 much data consumes watch movies on HBO

Streaming platforms are already part of our lives. We can enjoy entertainment content anywhere and from any device . We can spend hours watching series and movies on HBO, but be a double-edged sword if you do not know how much data they consume reproductions.

How much data or Megas Consumes HBO

We can go time watching a series on the phone back home or free hours on the phone and without noticing we have consumed much of the availability of the telephone rate. To be alert to these situations it is better know what the standard data consumed by hours of playback .

Many platforms this information available to users, such as Netflix. On the platform Netflix You can find the standard data consumption per hour depending on the quality of the video. There are other cases like HBO where the answer is not so simple.

How much data consumes HBO?

A question that certainly we have raised more than once and makes us doubt see an extra or chapter of a series. For now in any country where the platform is available HBO no concrete information mega consumption of services.

 View data consumption HBO

But many are the conclusions that have been obtained about the amount of data consumed by the general monitoring platform. According to the estimate of several users playing a chapter in a series that has an average duration of one hour can consume on average 1 GB .

It is important to remember that for HBO user experience is very important and thus only allows reproductions in high resolution. His name represents a seal of quality in the industry and everything related to HBO means is above average quality.

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How to save data on HBO?

Unfortunately the application of HBO does not have its own configuration where the user can control the video quality to reduce data consumption by reproduction. It makes the task of saving data is Herculean.

However there are several options that can be applied to know and control consumption application data from your phone.

Timer time consuming

It is an option that may seem Orthodox naked eye, but that could well work. And considering that standard hourly consumption of Play , you can put a timer. You just take an hour consumption alarm will warn you that you must stop.

Place the economizer data

Most phones now have the data economizer function. This allows the user to reduce the use of data, for example, applications running in the background.

 Set consumption limit

Configure data limit

Set your phone one limit consumption data , for when you’re about to consume more data than allowed in your rate phone notify you. It’s easy to do, it will depend on the version of software that has the device, but generally is in Network and Internet.

Now place a limit consumption and a warning when you’re close to reaching the maximum set.

HBO is not the best application to control consumption data from your phone, but having the essential information can control your consumption . You can enjoy a chapter of your favorite series and run out of data, worse still see only half of the episode and stay with the question of how it ends.

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For many users this type of information is invaluable to determine that application of hiring Streaming . In addition to considering that each platform series is also like having them control of the amount of data they consume.

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