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If you still a member HBO, do not know what you’re missing. Because this tool allows you to view streaming movies and exclusive series of American television channel HBO. All you have to do is pay a subscription every month , to access the entire catalog of the American company, but when you no longer interested or can not also afford can cancelar your subscription to HBO . You can enter it from any device with internet connection.

How can I watch HBO Free

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This application provides A totally free month trial . However, as through the trial period, you need to start paying the corresponding monthly to continue to enjoy the service. However, if you want to see free HBO, I recommend you read the content because I will give to know some tricks, with which you can watch HBO for free and legally.

What is HBO?

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many still unaware of what is and how it works HBO. usually HBO is known as a website , similar to Netflix. With which users can enjoy streaming form, films, series, documentaries, among other things. Overall, this platform provides a sufficiently extensive content to all users.

This program has achieved great success, providing an ever increasing popularity. Today has a significant number of users. And even with its scope, currently it considered as the biggest competitor to Netflix as streaming content.

Due to the quality of the service provided by this company, is almost impossible to offer a free version because it has a large content. For this reason, its users to acquire this tool must cancel 7,99 € monthly, obtaining a totally free trial month.

Fortunately, lie lasts month trial on HBO, consumers have access to all their content, pudendal enjoy this important platform as a normal user.

How does the free trial period on HBO?

HBO gives all new users one month free trial, in which people have access to the entire catalog , without paying a subscription. That is, that the duration of the trial period, you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the content that HBO offers.

As the end of the trial period, you must pay the subscription, otherwise you no longer have access to HBO catalog.

Now, if you do not want to pay for this service, today there are a variety of techniques that will take you a totally free account . Here we will introduce the most effective and legal methods.

How to get a free account HBO?

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The best methods to get this service without payment, are as follows:

Free Month HBO subscription

There is no doubt that the best thing is to enjoy and take advantage of the trial period that offers HBO. Since at this time not have any limitations and should pay for the service. That is, you can see all series, movies, documentaries and many more on HBO for free and 100% legal.

This method is one of the most used, but it’s important that you’ve never subscribed to HBO.

TV package to get free HBO GO

Another thing you can do is purchase a TV service package cable or satellite , which offers HBO. Similarly, you can also opt for a package that contains only the HBO channels and having all this, you can get a free subscription to HBO and HBO GO NOW.

HBO Shared Accounts

Actually, this method is not free of it all, because for this you need to have a person that has a account current HBO and choose to share it with you. A good option is that both pay half and half, thus, will both cheaper and can enjoy a rich content.

It is recommended to set a schedule with no affinity match and have a conflict account.

Luckily for us in terms of HBO does not say you can not share your account with other people, but it is important to know how many devices at the same time I can see HBO with your account .

Note that although there are more options to enjoy a free account on HBO, no doubt these are the most efficient and also have the advantage of being legal. It is therefore important to consider using legal techniques for avoid future inconvenience.

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