How Can I Activate Vodafone Hbo

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able to enjoy the best of the Entertainment is something that almost anyone can access. Today’s technology and the emergence of the Internet have allowed people to view any type of multimedia content.

How can I Turn HBO in Vodafone

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In fact, even if you have too much money, in most countries have the necessary conditions of at least see Youtube reliably and daily for can view the videos trend. This is something that Vodafone has brought with it all users.

This company source British , let your users can access a variety of entertainment services (for a fee small fee, of course). In fact, an excellent example of this is the ability to activate your service HBO Vodafone .

It is something that many people have sought to do because of all advantages that come with it and tariffs which is subject this possibility. So, if you want to activate HBO in your Vodafone, then look at how you can do it.

hbo programming

HBO directly to you by Vodafone

To activate HBO promotion in My Vodafone, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  1. You must start by entering the menu at the left side of the screen. Here in the menu « TV and more «, you will see the option « HBO Spain «, enters it.
  2. Next, you’ll need to select the phone line with Vodafone you get the promotion. Now, all you have to do is select the button « On » so you can directly access the page Vodafone where you must continue with the process.
  3. Once inside the Spanish website of Vodafone, will have to create an account, so take your time to Sign in so you can have a password through which watch HBO on any device you want .
  4. Once the latter is done, you will have to complete the process by following the few steps play out on screen.
  5. Then, you’ll have to wait a period of 48 hours, so that you reach SMS to your phone, where you will be given a confirmation of this process,
  6. If you want to disable this promotion for any reason is, you must follow the same steps that you have specified. You only need to stop you on the button that says « Manage «.
  7. Once you get here, select it and will send to the entertainment page Vodafone where you can cancel the whole subscription from your service HBO, but keep in mind you’ll have this active duty and ready to return to be accessed or signed until the day your contract is finished.
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    What do I do to enjoy this service free?

    If you do not know, you can have this service HBO Vodafone free. Although normally you need to hire a sliding fee scale, as well as Vodafone service, plus all TV packages Seriefans; you may have this service so « Free «.

    The latter, you can do once you have Vodafone TV Total in your contract Vodafone services you provided. It is also possible through the possession of móvles rates such as ONE, L, XL and XXL.

    However, if you have a contract since before the 14th day of April 2019, you may have HBO promoted along with your line, which is possible pay monthly installments , keeping it in the same condition as you already have your contract, so you you should not worry too much about the above requirements.

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