Where Can I Download The App Houseparty?

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HouseParty is a video call application, which was launched to the market in late 2016. But in recent months, has increased its popularity due to the covid-19 or better known as coronavirus. Thus be communicated with loved ones, will no longer be any problems.

Where can I download the App HouseParty

Undoubtedly, this easy tool that users are more interconnected , and thus maintain ties affinity with their friends and family, especially at this time of quarantine. Given that you can videoconference with a group of up to eight people.

The best thing about this network is that is available for Android, iOS, MacOS and Google Chrome . The way you download and install any device is really simple. Similarly, if you’re not already familiar with this application, do not worry, because here we will explain, that it is, how it works and how HouseParty download.

What you are HouseParty and how does it work?

HouseParty is a free application that lets users make video calls extras, where can participate several members . Its operation is similar to that of any other app, such as Skype, Teams, Hangouts, WhatsApp, among others.

However, unlike them, HouseParty has the peculiarity that users can create group games , so the main purpose of this network is to amuse its users, who can enjoy a number of games such as Trivial, who’s who, the classic drawing, among others.

Another of its important characteristics is that the app notifies you when a new contact entering HuseParty. Also, it should be noted that by itself, it is possible to share with friends and people probably do not know. Since you can invite your friends and they can invite other friends and so on, so it is essential to know how HouseParty.

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How to download HouseParty?

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As was mentioned above, this application is available for any device, whether Android, iOS, MacOS or Google Chrome browser. The procedure for download or install is really simple , since you get at the official store of any of the operating systems already exposed or extensions Google Chrome.

Recognizing this application is very simple, because your avatar is a little hand. In addition, it is very striking and will not have any problem to identify it.

It is also important to keep in mind that if you want the application from your browser, you need to enter the Chrome web Store , then add the name of HouseParty in the search and finally, appropriate to add to Chrome.

While For the application from your Android to enter the Play Store and iOS, you need to access the App Store. Once there, he adds on behalf of HouseParty and proceeds to install.

Register in HouseParty

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Once you have downloaded and installed the application on your computer or device, you must register. As well as on other social networks, if you do not have an account can not access the app. Fortunately, this process is simple.

The user must check the Sing up option and add the email address valid, then the name (no need to add your full name). Also, you need to choose a Nick or username, date of birth and of course a password.

It is important to note that it is not necessary to add the actual data, however, may not place a date of lower birth to 2007 as the is not suitable for children under 13 years . Similarly, it is recommended to add a user name with which your friends can identify you.

Finally, we hope this article has help you Servian. However, we like to know your opinion Do you think that HouseParty is an application utility Download and use HouseParty know in my PC? Leave your answers in the comments.

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