Why Not Notification Appears When I Am In A Call Houseparty?

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Our mobile devices and applications have evolved a lot over the time. We’ve gone from making calls through Local phone to make video calls through our handheld mobile phone with several people at once .

Why not displayed Notice When I’m on a call HouseParty

We’ve gone to a world seemingly without problems electronic level, which has given us the necessary freedoms to grow in the same field. This, in turn, has catapulted to success a lot of companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Sony and others.

These same companies have sought to make their ever more efficient devices. Faster, more powerful and more aesthetically appealing. This, without leaving out any users who use their devices.

But, as usual in this type of devices (any type of electronic device) is usual failures that may occur. Not only in terms of hardware, but also level software , since each of these aspects leads characteristics that need to be polished thoroughly and often is not something that can be enough.

When we talk about failures can mention those that occur in applications for calls and messages on the phone, as the case of houseparty a very popular application last dates .

This is due to its effectiveness, its speed and comfort; and other factors that allow communication between people around the world without major complications, here is the importance of have this application installed on your device.

But, like any application, this can have failures. It’s very usual. For each new version of houseparty , for example, it is usual that may arise system failures are promptly updated.

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A clear example was that time an Android operating system had a lot of child processes running at the same time, which was carrying people to have battery problems or Performance .

For this reason, we must point out a small problem, although it is somewhat rare, may suffer certain houseparty users, which can make them feel the a little unsure of the app . This is the call notifications.

The problem of not being able to know if you are on a call or not

When you receive a call, usually the screen will change color or another: the device will let you know that someone else is calling. Now, you have the option to reject the call, which will show the mobile stop the call, or can accept.

Once you accept a call, the You will know you’re in a call , either through notification or an interface on the screen where it shows you how long you have inside a call. This can come in different shapes and sizes, but always happen.

But what happens when I take a call but the phone I do not know I’m in? It can be a big problem for many people, to the point of not know how to end a call. So then you talk about how you can fix it.

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Solving the problem of call notification in Houseparty

A being in a call, houseparty should you know you’re in a through notification . But it is possible that this may not appear. And, although the cause is not clear the whole, we can speak some solutions:

  • Check that do not have a third-party app may be interrupting this process. Often installed apps for calls from appearing when application is a or game; revises it.
  • You might when you attend the calls you’re giving a button that you sent out the call and minimize it to the notification bar.
  • If you just can not find a cause apparent, perhaps the best thing is to restore your phone to its factory state.

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