How to use split screen on HTC Touch

Do you want to know how to use split screen on HTC Touch? Split-screen multitasking can be very useful on mobiles with larger screens, allowing you to use two apps simultaneously on your tablet or smartphone at the same time. For example, you can use WhatsApp on one screen and use a browser on the other window to improve productivity. Let’s learn how to enable split-screen multitasking at htc touch in this tutorial.

HTC’s recent version of HTC’s Android-based HTC Sense UI, based on Android 9 and 10, adds a split-screen feature. We are going to learn how to enable or disable this multi-window splitting feature on your HTC Touch.

Use split-screen multitasking on HTC Touch

1. To run two apps together on one screen, access the Split Screen feature on HTC Touch, click the Recent Apps window by clicking the Recent Apps button if you’re using the navigation buttons or using the Swipe up gesture and long press if I’m using gesture navigation.

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2. Then scroll through recently used apps and find the app you want to use at the top of the split screen window.

3. Then tap the app icon at the top of the app preview. Then select the Multi-window and select Next on the Multi-Window Suggestions screen and select Done to continue.

4. Now you need to select the mobile app to run on the second screen from the list of apps that support split screen that will be presented to you.

5. After selecting your apps, it will run two apps simultaneously in split screen windows. You can use it in Landscape or Portrait window by rotating the orientation of your HTC device.

6. To resize split screen apps, you can click and drag the center line that separates the two apps.

7. To turn off HTC multi-window/split screen, tap the split screen line in the middle of the screen, then tap “”. point to finish.

In older HTC devices built-in multitasking split window option is not available. So we have to download a Third Party Split Screen App.

How to enable split screen on HTC Touch – Older devices

1. Access the Google Play Store on your HTC Touch device.

2. Then search for “Split-screen multitasking” in the search bar and press go. where to visit this SplitScreen app list Google Play Store.

3. Now select one of the dual window split screen apps you like and click install.

How to use split screen on HTC Touch

4. After installing the Split Screen app on your HTC Touch, open it and click the Split Screen button to start the multi-window experience. Sometimes these options will be available on the notification panel itself.

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