How To Play Free Fire Or Full Screen On My Phone Huawei Notch

 fire in hands playing free cell

Most mobile manufacturing companies are mounted on the train of the notch and Huawei is no exception. This feature allows you to use more fully the screen of our phones. For that reason, in this article we’ll show you Free Fire puts full screen on your cell Huawei notch.

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How to Market Free or Play Full Screen Fire on my phone Huawei Notch

How to Market Free Fire full screen on Huawei phones notch

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To the download the game, you’ll wonder how you can run full screen on cell Notch . Well, here we show the following:

  1. Go to «Settings» of the device.
  2. Select the option «Display».
  3. Click on the box «More settings screen.»
  4. Select the «Full Screen Display.» Section
  5. Check the appropriate box to Free Fire.
  6. In the end, you’ve set up your device so that the start this game, it runs in full screen. That way you will take advantage to the maximum all the space of the front of your phone . Of course, if you can not still enjoy the game, you’d better look for the reason why not Fire can play Garena Free .

    What is and what is the notch

    English Notch notch means and engineering refers to a defect U-shaped or V deliberately placed in a device. This word perfectly defines the notch is placed mobile to house the front camera and take advantage of more screen .

     Notch cell with white background

    And although it has become so famous, say that some do not love change, wanting even remove the notch on Android phones Huawei .

    Some time ago the word was notch everyone’s lips. Although Apple was the one who popularized this global trend, actually it was not the first company to implement this feature.

    A few months before the launch of the iPhone X, Essential had launched a phone market, the Essential Phone , hitching like no other space on the screen. This is achieved by reducing the frames and adding a notch in the upper central portion where the front camera housed. But it did not cause much stir.

    Now the networks broke out after the presentation of the iPhone X. Everyone wanted one. And that’s when many companies began to «inspiration» in the manzanita design to meet the needs of a booming market.

    Advantages of the notch on mobile phones

    The main advantage, and most obvious, is the better use and development of the mobile screen . Before the implementation of this feature, most phones had use of the front 60%.

    However, with the use of the notch along with removing the Home button, Apple got 82.8%. And with technological advances, many companies have exceeded that number.

    This improvement is particularly evident on watching movies or playing video games on mobile. The implementation of the notch managed to give the user a more immersive experience , which is seen much content you see.

    Disadvantages of the notch on mobile phones

    The first disadvantage is the fact that many applications are not properly optimized for run notch . The second is directly related to the above, as to correct the error, many manufacturers choose to create a false frame to hide the notch ending reducing the usable screen size.

     cell different models of screens notch

    And finally, many people simply do not like the aesthetics to acquire mobile.

    Undoubtedly the technology is evolving by leaps and bounds. Since implementing these features in 2017, many advances have been made to achieve the much desired goal: a mobile all screen with minimum frames


    To do this, new alternatives have emerged, such as mobile with hole in screen or those with a retractable camera system. Of course, you can also find great help to learn more why certain content is blocked by the notch on the official website of Huawei.

    Whether you like it or not this feature, one thing is certain; very soon we will be in the presence of a mobile without frames, all with front camera screen and below this. When that time comes we will consider the notch as a transition between old and new

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