Shutting Restart And Force Restart Huawei Blocked -Step By Step

Huawei locked

Today we will see a step by step tutorial for you to learn quickly shutdown, reboot and force restart Huawei blocked and thus continue to use the device as usual.

Huawei phones are of high quality and can do many things with them, including show battery percentage , to accommodate various applications and tricks that we use to customize them. But What happens when my cell Huawei crashes? Among many tricks, there is a way to restart the phone forcibly to solve this problem.

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How to Shutdown, Restart and Restart in Huawei Force Blocked -step by step

It’s a fairly simple, no need to have access to the menu of the device, so you can do even if it is locked. It is a possible solution that you never need to have to take more complex measures.

If this solution will not work, can be two options available. The first is do a reboot factory. This should phone like the first time you turn it on , like new. Which means that all your personal data is deleted.

The last option is to install the operating system again. Although this option is the most extreme and laborious, it is one that works best when we have software problems. However, the idea of ​​trying to fix a forced reboot is just to avoid having to reach this kind of extreme.

 Shut down and restart phone Huawei

Not much more to add, let’s start this tutorial so you can quickly learn how to restart a Huawei phone blocked in a few minutes.

How to shut down or restart a locked phone Huawei

The easiest way to put a phone Huawei obviously is leaving pressed the button “ On ” for a few seconds short until options appear “ Off ” or “ Restart ” in the middle of the screen. However, if this blocked’ll have to use another method for forcing a reboot of the device.

The first thing you should do is let down for more than ten seconds button “Off” located on the right side of the phone. Our device screen is completely black. After a few seconds we will see the logo of Huawei. All you have to do here is wait for the restart and ready force him to complete.

How to force a restart of a Huawei from the recovery menu or recovery

Another option we have is use the recovery menu to force a reboot . For this we will have to stop pressing buttons up the volume and turn off the device for several seconds. We will realize that the process starts when the Huawei logo appears on the screen.

Force reboot in Huawei

After that you will see a few options on the menu recovery. The one that interests us is the one that says “ Reboot System Now “. Use the volume keys up and down the power key to confirm.

Now you can see that the device turns off after a few seconds back Huawei’s logo since going on again appear. And if you run into some problem with the lighting of your Huawei , please visit the official website of Huawei support to solve it.

This way you can shutdown, restart and force restart Huawei blocked with this step by step tutorial fairly detailed so you can re-use your phone as usual without any problems.

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