How Mode Hand On Huawei | Making Mini Screen Huawei

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Most current phones exceed 5.5-inch screen size. For those with small hands, hold and manipulate the phone with one hand can become a challenge .

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How mode a hand on Huawei | How to Make Mini Screen Huawei

This is because many of the functions related to the interface means having interaction with the top and ends of the cell. For that reason, several manufacturers have implemented a feature that allows you to use these devices with one hand. In fact, it is even possible Android keyboard to activate the one hand .

And Huawei has not been left behind, as in newer versions of EMUI has also incorporated this option . So then we’ll show how to activate the mode hand on Huawei, also known as mini display.

How mode for a single hand of Huawei

Although EMUI takes some time with this built-in function, how to set up is a bit hidden, but can be very useful, such as the activate the lefty way Android.

 mode one hand huawei

So, many or had heard of this feature. To activate it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Select the option “Intelligent Assistance.”
  3. Press the “User Interface with one hand” box.
  4. Activate the “Mini screen”.
  5. Thus, you will already have activated the function. To use should make a gesture on the screen. To return to normal view, just press on X (X) in a corner of the mini screen. You can also find great help on how to use mode for a single hand on the official website Huawei.

    Advantages of using hand mode for Huawei

    When Motorola introduced in 1973 the first mobile phone exploded all means. Really was innovation at its best . But there was one problem: it was too big and heavy


    So much so that the nickname “brick” won. Therefore, the next generation focused on reducing the size of mobile. But with the release of the iPhone in 2007 the pattern changed. Now every generation mobile chose to be bigger and bigger.

    No doubt today’s phones are bigger than before. Many of them almost rub 7 inches front. But this situation affects people who have small hands or joint problems.

    can not reach certain parts of the device can not use it fully. Therefore, the main advantage of implementing mode for a hand is that these users can use all the features of your phone . As the entire interface is minimized to a more manageable size, the use of mobile is now more comfortable . In addition, there are other ways to facilitate their use, such as open multiple applications to the same time Android .

    Disadvantages of using hand mode for Huawei

    But having such a small screen jumps to light a problem: the quality of some items on the screen is reduced. Therefore, if you want to watch a movie or a video on YouTube, you need to close this function to enjoy the full benefits afforded by having a large screen.

    This case shows that in the world of technology, every invention or innovation has its pros and cons.

    How to fix the error does not allow switch to the mode for one-handed Huawei

    Sometimes, many users have encountered the situation unpleasant not to use the one-handed mode that Huawei integrated into their devices. Such errors usually result from two reasons . Then explain them and give the solution for each of them.

     red screen error code

    Reason 1 : The function is disabled. To activate it follow the steps described in the first part of this article.

    Reason 2 : The gesture is used to turn the function is incorrect. To enable this feature sliding your finger on the screen as explained below.

    1. If browsing is enabled gestures , slide one finger up diagonally from one of the lower ends.
    2. If the navigation with three keys is enabled , you slide a finger from one end of the navigation pane to the other.
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