How To Program Automatic On Off My Phone Huawei Android

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Accounts with Huawei phone? Sure you’re very satisfied with it. But surely you’ll agree that although it’s a good phone, sometimes there are certain Settings to Give you do not know it.

Is this the case with the on and off automatically? Do not worry about this issue, because today we’ll show how to program the automatic on off on my phone Huawei Android, of the Huawei options without the support of Google you can get.

Programming the Auto on and Off my phone Huawei Android

But first, let’s look a little why schedule system on and off automatically on your phone may lie in profits for this.

Benefits program the on and off automatically on your phone Huawei Android

You might wonder if the program this, there is some benefit, and the truth is yes. At the scheduled time when a Auto Power Off , the cell can rest a bit if you gave a very prolonged use.

This is really important because you will give so to speak “a break” your phone when you need it and not will force a shutdown when this is already saturated and collapsed.

What really happens when you turn your phone is to manage clear the cache Huawei to free space. and temporary files that slow your phone is set and does not work well are finalized

These benefits are only talking directly to your phone Huawei, but we can also mention personal benefits. Well, if you program an on and off automatically at certain hours and completed periods of time, avoid be too much time watching the screen of your phone. In fact, even can shut down and restart Huawei even if it is locked, which shows the versatility of this option.

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Are not these enough reasons for you to learn once and for all to program the on and off automatically? Both your phone as a thank you greatly.

How to program on and off automatically on your phone Huawei Android

So that makes you much easier to understand this process, we will begin by telling you how to program the Off Auto and then we will explain how to program the on . It is also important to note that this explanation will be useful if you count with a phone Huawei Android EMUI .

How to program automatic shutdown

To carry out this process, the first thing you need to do to access the menu Settings your phone Huawei Android. Once you’re inside this menu, touch you seek the assistance section intelligent and click on this. In this section, including the latest functions must locate and click on On/Off scheduled .

When you have accessed this option, touch you now press the first switch , which is the scheduled shutdown. Below this switch will appear other options that you must set.

These are, Time want your phone is turned off and with How often want to repeat the process: once, every day and so successively. Choose the options that match your needs and ultimately that’s all, every time you reach the scheduled time your phone Huawei will automatically turn off.

In doing this process and then have to turn yourself your phone. So let’s move directly to see how to program the automatic ignition.

How to program the automatic ignition

To do this, on the same menu where you pressed the automatic switch off, a little further down you exit the switch scheduled Power. Click on it to activate it, then just as with the other switch, you must specify the specific time on and also how often you want to be repeat this process.

Once you’ve executed all this, and the whole process will have finished programming the automatic ignition. It is also possible to automatically restart a Huawei without the power button , which can be of great help. Now, when your phone Huawei is off, at the appropriate time it will turn on automatically. Incredible, right?

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We are confident that performing the process, you will succeed because it is a Settings really easy to run by yourself. So do not waste time and go to practice the skills you’ve just learned today!

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