Putting Pin Or Password Unlock Pattern On My Huawei

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Your personal phone stores a lot of confidential information, which is why we always recommend taking a few minutes to set up your device. In today’s tutorial we will explain how to set a pattern, PIN or password unlock my Huawei.

It is a way to protect your information, thereby preventing third parties to have access to it without your permission . begin seeing what types of locks can use and then how to set it.

What you can be used blocking options?

No blocking

You can set your device to not crash. This will be always active. The advantage of this is that you can quickly access the main screen. However, one of the disadvantages of this type of configuration is that it consumes too much battery. Therefore, if you want to do this, we recommend you to find a href=”https://tdftips.com/ahorrar-bateria-movil-android-ios-aplicacion/”> .

Another solution is to setup a timeout with display , so that the mobile will eventually turn off the screen but not lock it. You can do so by entering Settings from the main menu or the shortcut you have at the top of the screen to the swiping down.

 Put PIN pattern in cell Huawei

To choose downtime with display searches the Settings menu option “ Screen lock and password “. Then go to “ Sleep … “. There will give you different options, you can choose which one you prefer.

An alternative you have is to choose the “ Swipe ” to unlock the phone quickly. But another disadvantage is that these options we do not offer any protection, so anyone have access to your personal data.

Standard options: set pattern, PIN or password unlock

You can use a pattern. To do need to draw a pattern on the screen using your finger on a square with nine points. You must do twice to confirm the pattern. You can also choose to see the pattern you draw while you are trying to unlock the screen, or put the invisible lines pattern to anyone around you achieve guess.

To do this, enter again to “Set screen lock” and enter the pattern. The following will disable “Make pattern visible” if you do not want your device show what you’re drawing, or activate it for display.

Orto method is via a PIN is a numeric code to the least four digits. It is one of the most recommended for being one of the safest there. The longer the pin, the safer it will be.

If you want to add a alphanumeric code or a word, you choose “Password” must have at least four letters and/or numbers and a maximum of 16 characters. To make it safer, we recommend using letters and numbers, as well be harder to guess.

Other options smart locks

 Use password to unlock Huawei

  • Smart Bracelet: on newer models and high-end Huawei, you have this extremely efficient blocking method. Works via Bluetooth.
  • The display will be activated when you are at least 80 centimeters from the device. To unlock it, you just have slide your finger on the screen .

How to set the lock screen my Huawei in a few steps

Now that you know the options you have to lock your device Huawei you should opt for some. Whatever method you’ve chosen must start addressing settings.

Once inside, slide down the options and search for “ Lock screen” or “Screen & gt; Advanced & gt; Lock screen. This will depend on the operating system of your device. There you will have all lock options.

Remember your password lock screen. If you forget it, you have to delete all data on your device then set a new one. If you have not entered the password lock screen for three days, you will be prompted to enter the password to unlock the device.

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