How To Remove Or Disable Google Feed In Huawei -Step By Step

 a tablet Samsung Google page

It is common install Google applications and services on our cell Huawei and surely you met with Google feed. There are many good reasons to have it activated; however some people may not use it or do not like, so choose remove or disable feed Google your Huawei devices.

How to Remove or Disable Feed Google in Huawei -Step step

function in the feed Google Huawei devices

Feed Google has had the same functionality as Google Now, Google’s virtual assistant. With this update the feed, Google follow topics or people who are of interest for users of the application. Artificial intelligence by the application collects information from other applications and determines the interests of the person.

The feed Google also will be based on search history online. For example, if your internet search history is related to movies or theaters, billboards will show movies of the week.

In addition to the feed Google will help you fight against false news. But then, how can you identify false news published on the Internet? not necessary because the feed google will do it for you at highlighting various news sources . All so you can view the veracity of the news, according to information provided.

 Two phones Huawei

Users of the Huawei phones have the advantage of enjoying EMUI; you know what is the EMUI Huawei? , it is a layer of customization Android created by the Chinese company. This personalization layer enhances the OS of the device; thanks to EMUI Users can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Includes additional features to the previous version of Android.
  • With Machine Learning, the phone will work as the first day.
  • battery is optimized so that it is longer.
  • The photos are taken with your phone will have artificial intelligence.
  • Will the phone a more aesthetic appearance.

With EMUI in Huawei phones comes built with personalization layer Android the Google feed. This version of Google feed shown on the left side of the desk, but if you do not use How can we turn it off?

Step by step to turn off the feed

Although we can see that there are advantages to having activated the Google feed our Huawei, we can also decide to remove or disable it on our phone.

 hands with a phone in the Google search engine

To disable Google feed on our phone Huawei just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. In our phone, in the main screen with your finger can press in an area where an empty space is found. Another option you have is two fingers to pinch gesture.
  2. On the screen of your phone at the bottom, we can see that the setting option appears.
  3. When this option appears, we will select this option.
  4. When you have selected Set, a list of options opens.
  5. From the list of options at the end we see that Google Feed appears that this is in blue. This means it is enabled.
  6. To disable only we will play with our finger and change color to gray, which means that we have already disabled.
  7. To disable or remove the feed from Google you can release some megs of RAM . This is an advantage which can be used by other applications; and our phone will be a little lighter. In addition if we want to free up space, can clear the cache on the cellular Huawei .

    As you can see is very simple disable or remove the feed from Google. We’re happy to always be able to answer your questions and concerns, so you can still visit our website to see what other ways can we help.

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