How To Scan And Save Business Cards In Cell Huawei

If you’ve lost a card or do not remember where you placed, you should be known as scan and save business cards in your cell Huawei. So every time you need to contact a person who will deliver his presentation card can do so quickly from mobile.

How to scan and save business cards in Huawei Phones

It is obvious that, this way you will see, is entirely new and not have to be scoring data card in contacts from your Huawei . Since by your camera device, the application will scan all contact information card in the phone. can also make cards in Corel Draw easier and faster.

No more nothing to add, it’s time to learn the ways available for you scan and keep cards in cell Huawei.

How scan and save business cards in cell Huawei?

Steps must follow to scan and save business cards in cell Huawei quickly:

  1. With the phone on and from the home screen, press and hold the icon Contacts and release.
  2. Immediately, a window with multiple options and choose the “ Scan ” option.
  3. Next, the camera will open the mobile, focus the business card to save and select want the button to capture a photograph.
  4. Now, will all the data on the card were placed in a new contact to finish, choose the “ Save ” button and have your contact saved.
  5. As you can see is very simple to scan and save business cards in cell Huawei quickly from the home screen thanks to this tool. In this way, you will not have to waste time writing down one by one the contact details of the cards you have in your portfolio. However there are other alternatives such as Microsoft Publischer to create your business cards.

    scan card


    Also, save data from multiple business cards simultaneously and to achieve this you must follow these instructions:

    1. Enter icon contact your mobile phone Huawei .
    2. Once within the application contact, select the icon menu and open a tab and choose the “Cards”.
    3. option

    4. Then select “Scan” and then “ Multiple Mode ” so you can scan multiple cards at once.
    5. Subsequently, the Huawei mobile camera so you can scan and save all the cards you want by touching the ” capture” button on your device opens.
    6. So quick and easy can scan documents from the Android phone and stored in your Huawei device all the cards you want to add to your contacts.

      Tips to time to scan and save business cards in cell Huawei

      Although it is a procedure quite simple and easy to perform, to scan and save business cards in your cell Huawei must keep in mind some advice. You’ll be able to perform faster and more smoothly this procedure to save the contacts of the cards in your phone contacts.

      Then meet the best tips a time to scan and save business cards in cell Huawei:

      • Remember, you have the permits the camera in the contacts application so you can scan a document using your cell android and store cards. So, if the time to scan and save a business card your phone asks you if you want the application to access contact the camera must answer yes.
      • Try not to place the business card too close to the camera of your cell Huawei so that it can focus well. If you do, it is not possible blur and therefore remains scanning, you can not save the information card in the contacts.
      • A time to capture the business card is done with the camera flash on and with the best possible resolution. Thus, it will be better scanned the card and all data will be reflected in it contacts the cell.
      • Finally, place the card on a smooth surface at the time of scanning it.

      add movable contact

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