How To Search For Contacts And Applications On My Phone Huawei -Easy And Fast

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Huawei is a company based in China whose products and services are available to consumers throughout the world, this company represents today one of the leading brands in cellular technology and electronics.

Their services They include designing marketing networks to various companies in the field of telecommunications and reinventing their constantly equipment to provide customers the latest technology for mobile phones, laptops, tablets and watches. Having its own layer of customization called EMUI what power the operating system.

How to search for contacts and applications on my phone Huawei -Easy and fast

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There are times when the technology advances so rapidly that all those forms of handling equipment to which you are accustomed changes. The teams are constantly updated, and for its proper functioning is essential update your version EMUI Huawei .

So it may be difficult to access some services and applications on our computers. Today we’ll show you How to access your contacts and applications easily quickly and easily.

How to search contacts and applications on my phone Huawei

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Huawei has developed various access points in our mobile in order to simplify the handling of the same, as the power turn navigation gestures or mode of a hand .

There are also several ways to access quickly to our contacts and applications.

To access sliding contacts the menu bar in’ll find an icon that resembles the silhouette of a person and take this straight to the list of contact numbers registered on the mobile phone.

It also has the option to add new contacts, rearrange the category name and group numbers as appropriate; family, work, personal favorites, among others.

A the entering segment calls, find a phone record that it may include calls made, missed or received according to how this custom recording them. If you slip into right we can enter the Tray contacts .

A the entry into the mobile message box gives us the option to Enter contact list and select one or more recipients to which to send a message.

Applications on the other hand are a number of programs to improve the quality of service provided by mobile teams. Allows the user to customize their team according to their interests and needs.

Applications that can be found on our device Huawei

There are two kinds of applications that the user has access to your mobile device. applications that come pre-installed and allow optimal operation of your computer and those that are available on Play Store, a platform dedicated to providing applications or Apps for free or require any payment.

Applications that are pre-installed in the device they are those that are essential to provide a satisfactory user experience and range from telephone services, messaging, access gallery (where multimedia files such as pictures and videos are stored), calendar, contacts, scrapbook, mail, among others.

Applications They found in Play Store comprise countless App available to the user. Whether to entertain recreation and training. This type of App allows the user to access the world around him through free downloads or some that require any payment for their content.

You can stay informed and connected, access entertainment platforms such as games or advice. Gym recipes, news, and other.

How to access applications on my mobile Huawei

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Access is easy, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Menu
  • Click Settings
  • You’ll find a list in which you reach Applications .

You’ll find the word applications and if you click on it will direct you to where you downloaded the apps, there will also find default applications are.

Are those pre-installed on the phone and running the software. Bear in mind that the default applications ensure the operation of cellular equipment so you should be careful and avoid uninstall them.

Technologies such as We know change, progress and renewed daily to improve their consumer experiences. It is necessary to adjust to this movement. We offer explanations simple and easy to understand so that the handle your phone have a pleasant experience.

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