What Is Emui Huawei And What Is The Difference With The Android System?

what is emui huawei and what is the difference with the android system
EMUI Huawei
  1. What EMUI Huawei and steps to install
  2. Differences EMUI and Android operating system

Keep moving day is very important to work perfectly and enjoy updated features wherever you are. If you have a mobile Huawei, you may have encountered EMUI What EMUI and how it is different from the Android operating system? Read on and you will know the answers.

what - what EMUI Huawei and what is the difference with the Android system

What EMUI Huawei and steps to install

EMUI is the layer that improves Huawei customizing the operating system from your mobile device. EMUI benefits you use, from installation you have additional features to the Android version you had. Among other things, your device will work as the first day and the battery will last longer.

It also includes many unique features Android pure or layers of other manufacturers. For example, how a Huawei hand.

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For the latest version of this layer of customization, so you only need to update the Huawei your phone software to the latest version available .

After the upgrade, you must use an account of Huawei. This is necessary, otherwise can not access the functions of the device, such as synchronization and backup in the cloud (cloud Huawei).


With these simple steps can already enjoy the benefits of EMUI, , but the differences are with Android? know below.

Differences EMUI and Android operating system

As you know this EMUI, it's time to see how it differs with Android. we invite you to consider some that we have selected for you in this article. Rather than offer comparisons, you will see the specific proposals made by Huawei with this great tool and does not benefit from the same thing with Android:

  • application launcher. With this launcher can customize the layout and effects transitions, prescindirás drawer application, as happens on devices with iOS, applications and receive suggestions on the top bar of the same.
  • Menu

  • Settings. In general, Huawei uses its own font and design with a higher density in the text , but EMUI be perceived even more, especially in the setting screen. In addition, the configuration at the site of the options is very different from that of Android.
  • Themes and customization. EMUI a clean stores themes (Huawei App Gallery) that can get a variety of topics, icons, fonts and backgrounds. You can give a new look to your device in seconds. Some options have you pay, but also available Free resources and ready to install.
  • SOS emergency. Android also includes the possibility of adding emergency information, but not all manufacturers use. With SOS SOS Emergency send a message to emergency contacts after pressing the function key can EMUI shot five times. In addition to the useful information appears on the screen for these cases.

 mobile Huawei with EMUI

  • HiTouch. It is, in short, a sort of Google Android Lens. It is activated by pointing the camera at an object you want to buy or put fingers simultaneously on an image to activate the application. In this case, HiTouch focuses mainly on finding the products you make reference stores that sell.
  • Applications twins. Maybe one of known EMUI. With it, you realize access the same application, but with two different accounts  . This can two accounts simultaneously WhatsApp on your cell .
  • fashion Travel

  • . It is an interesting option that you can activate when you are traveling or busy and do not want distractions. This function you receive to inform you possibly messages and calls that meet your contacts can not attend this time.
  • Private area. EMUI a parallel universe where you can have contacts, applications and various pictures that normally appear on mobile. They are not visible from the outside and need another PIN access that will come when the mobile phone unlocking.

You know what EMUI and how it is different with Android. Update your Huawei with this layer of customization Innovative and reached unimaginable levels of your mobile device

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