What Does It Mean Huawei Eye On My Cell Phone? | How To Enable And Disable The Eye Icon On Huawei?

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Recently purchased a Huawei phone and the notification bar you an eye icon appears; then ask yourself what does this icon ?, what function on my phone? You can also ask you, how to find hidden applications my new phone, here it you will discover.

What does the Eye on my Cell Huawei? How to activate and deactivate the icon Eye on Huawei?

In this post you we explained what the eye means on your cell Huawei? and how you can enable and disable the icon eye on Huawei?

What does the eye on my cell Huawei?

Currently mobile devices are widely used to read news and books, enjoy movies and series , checking social networks, using WhatsApp and use other applications. However, spending many hours a day watching the LED screen of our device can be harmful to our eyes.

So, the company added new href=”https://tdftips.com/opciones-huawei-android-sin-soporte-google/”> on their devices, a new feature known as reading mode (on some devices may say so visual night or rest); This function is represented by the icon of an eye.

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This feature is intended filter blue light from the screen , so that it has a warmer hue. Then, when active mode reading the brightness and hue of the screen will be less aggressive to the eye; in ways that are reducing eyestrain produced using the mobile for long hours.

Advantages of using the read mode (eye icon) on your Huawei device:

  • Rest your view , so if you read a book, see a number or use an application for a long time will not have eyestrain and read more comfortably.
  • is ideal for when you check mobile in the night hours or places with low light.
  • Save battery , because many areas of the screen will not consume energy.
  • You protect the eyes of the negative effects that the LED displays electronic devices.

As you have noticed, option to use Huawei’s eye, it is very useful and beneficial. But if you want to update the phone software to the latest version , do not worry, it also brings including the eye icon.

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How to enable and disable the icon Huawei’s eye?

There are two ways to activate and deactivate the eye icon (read mode) on your Huawei device.

  • Method 1: From the “Settings” menu

  1. Go to the menu “Settings” from your device, this option is displayed with a gear icon.
  2. Then a list will appear with several options, you must click on the “Display” .
  3. A new list of options will appear, in which you must select “reading mode” (night or visual break for some devices mode).
  4. When a new tab is opened will display the option “read mode” and on the right side of that option will see a switch.
  5. read mode enabled must move the switch to the right; When this option is active the switch will change to blue. But if what you want is to disable the read mode move the switch to the left .
  6. On the same screen you can also configure or set the time you want this feature to turn on and off each day. This option is ideal for not having to activate the reading mode manually.
    • Method 2: Top menu

    1. Swipe your finger from the top edge of the screen down.
    2. then a menu will be displayed.
    3. Search on this menu the eye icon Huawei. If the menu display just do not see this icon, you click the pencil icon to display more options.
    4. click on the eye icon to Enable this function, you know that is active because the icon changes from gray to blue
    5. .

    6. To disable this feature again click on the icon and it will change to gray as signal is disabled.
    7.  aid for eye huawei huawei

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      The read function mode is designed to provide rest sight when the mobile device is used for many hours. But if you notice that many options for downloading on your Smartphone, gets slow, you can also Hard Reset Reset or make your phone to restore its factory settings. If that’s the case you fail wonderful options that incorporate Huawei on your devices.

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