Changing Colors And Paint An Object In Adobe Illustrator

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The different image editing applications contain different functions that we know and always keep in mind. This is the case of Adobe Illustrator where we can in a very simple way, edit colors. The following tutorial will show how to change colors and paint an object in Adobe Illustrator.

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Make your different projects on the worktable Adobe Illustrator, can be a very rewarding experience. But it can also be a bit complicated and tedious, if you do not know the use of various tools. That’s why we bring you the following article will show you how to change and paint the colors of an object in Adobe Illustrator.

As we have seen in previous articles, the use of the tools of this program is very intuitive and easy to perform. In the tutorial to teach you a simple way to draw freehand with stain brush tool you could check.

How to change colors and paint an object in Adobe Illustrator

Knowledge of different tools with which account Adobe Illustrator , like interactive painting among others, should be one of our main priorities, you know them when working with it. And this time we will show how to change colors and paint an object in Adobe Illustrator . And to do this we must follow these simple steps.

First, we must know where the tool to change the color of the edge or filling the object you want to change the color. When we have an image or vector illustration these may contain or not a border and a fill. These should be a color in gradient, pattern or a primary color.

In the properties panel which is located on the right side of the drawing board, you can see the stroke color and fill color that has the image. When do clip in any of them will show all those colors that stores a document. These default and is known as a sample.

In the Properties pane in the bottom left you will find the color picker by double clicking the box stroke or fill . With the Color Picker can create colors or even if you want to import them from the library of color. You can also create color gradients, to be merged gradually from one color to another.

How to apply a color gradient to an object in Adobe Illustrator

To apply a preset gradient, both the fill as stroke, you must to clip in the properties panel. And you can choose a gradient swatch that is saved. Or you can click the gradient options so you can open the Gradient panel.

In this panel, you can choose the fill color of your choice, if you want to edit, double click on the curve levels of color can do. If you go to the tool panel, you can activate the Gradient Tool. Padding on any image can change the direction, duration and length of the gradient.

Another option that can help you a lot is the Recolor button located in the properties panel. At the open, you can choose the Edit option to see the colors on a color wheel. Or you can use the Link harmonies button so you can edit all colors at once, when you’re done beam clip on the Ok option.

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In this way, you have shown you have several ways to change color or edit an object the way you want. It’s simple and easy to use this tool and simple steps could learn how to change colors and paint an object in Adobe Illustrator.

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