Clearing The History Of Recent Files In Adobe Illustrator Cc

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Illustrator is the Adobe vector drawing that has more than 25 years to be the millions of artists working tool and designers to create everything beautiful graphics on the site phones and devices, logos, icons, illustrations for books, product packaging and posters.

Adobe Illustrator CC Adobe Photoshop, form the basis of its current Creative Cloud (and above its Creative Suite). We will explain how to delete the history file in Illustrator but first of all talk a bit more about this useful program that many known for their effectiveness when remove the background image to a .

What you are Adobe Illustrator and what are their roles?

 Illustrator screen illustrations and different icons

Illustrator is a vector drawing software that allows you to resize illustrations for mobile screens and billboards, despite the change in dimensions remain crisp and attractive and of course can converted vector image.

One of the best features of this software is that in addition to a quick and simple interface, you can save artwork in the cloud and access them on a platform at any time.

You can create Freehand drawings or track and recheck color graphics to convert in works of art. It lets you use your illustrations and drawings everywhere, whether in print, presentations, websites, blogs and social networks.

Adobe Illustrator has many kinds of really great characters and present. Add the name of a company logo, design a brochure or create a sketch of a website with Best Writing Tools Illustrator offers.

Adobe Illustrator CC is available for Mac, iPad and Windows. With this software, you can keep track of the history, so you can delete and recover if you want to delete. Here we will explain how.

Clear History in Adobe Illustrator

The number of shares that can be Undo unlimited so if you want to delete all, you are free to do so. Only depends on the memory capacity of your computer.

  • For history and to undo or redo the last action you can use one of these options:
  • To delete the selected record ” Clear History ‘ from the menu panel.
  • To undo a change, press the “Edit” option and then press the “Cancel” in the name of the action you want to remove or you can press Ctrl + Z if using a Windows computer, and if you use Mac press Cdm + Z
  • To restore a change may – be removed inadvertently press the “Edit” and then on “Redo” in the name of the action you want to redo or you can press Ctrl + Shift + Z when you use a computer If you use Windows and Mac press Cdm + Shift + Z

When Illustrator can not cancel anything, the “Undo” command is dimmed, it is unavailable. You can also retrieve the last saved version of a document using the “ File – Back ” or F12. During this action must be very careful and be completely safe because there is no way to undo it.

Tips for using Adobe Illustrator CC

 work with different screen illustrations illustrator on the screen

If you are new to using this program, we’ll let you several suggestions so that it can not be as difficult to use and do it well.

  • Learn how to use Belzer curves: Through manipulation of the points and curves can be a form you can imagine. At the beginning will be a little difficult, but after some time practicing will tend to dominate.
  • Belzer Master the shortcuts: Mastering the points and curves Belzer is expensive and takes time. Therefore, these shortcuts make things easier. For example, if you hold the Alt key after creating a point that you can handle the following without manipulating the curve.
  • Know shots and forms Illustrator chart the way we create, a pen or the shape with a black line with a thick point, and filled the white form. You can change these settings using the Color panel.
  •   The appearance of the panel: For a quick view of strokes and fills created, you can use the appearance of the panel and can also change the color of stroke and fill if you want
  • .

Some people have had the problem that Illustrator does not let save file or work finished but fortunately not the case, and if that happens, do not worry because there is a solution!

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