Creating Tables In Adobe Illustrator Cc Easy Step

 creating tables easily in Adobe Illustrator CC

Illustrator is one design of the programs requested by users and industries worldwide. One of its features is that it is easy to use and has a learning curve. With which you can do many things like take a background image – map .

Illustrator is considered one of the most graphic design software required by companies. In addition, to create the table with this program should be “Open a new document” and   “Create rectangle” play the table.

Then you have to drive the session “object” in the menu at the top right and then display the sub – menu “Layout” and “rows and columns” is selected.

Adobe Illustrator lets you easily create tables

 Creating Tables

In the window that opens should ” add the number of rows and columns you want the table containing” can be 6 rows and 5 columns. Then, in the same window, you can select “Table Preview” , you must press “OK” and therefore the table is ready.

Set if the result is not as expected or is not satisfied, can select the entire table, and then repeat the procedure: object & gt; Layout & gt; rows and columns . We change, then press the OK button.

Then you can provide a format and   for this can be placed in each frame of the table and select the color for each table if they wish. The color of the panel is in the menu on the left side, where all tools.

If you still want to modify the table, you can choose the Direct Selection tool and placed on top of the table and reduce it to the first column is narrower, so that the header will look more beautiful.

After applying the color, select the entire table and return to the top panel to select the “object” drop-down menu, select “trace” and then “rows and columns” to create more attractive or appealing if you apply width and height tables.

As you increase the values ​​of height and width can go a preview of the changes automatically in the table and choose you want to apply or not.

If you want to leave your table Classically can click Cancel to return to the previous format. Also, you can change the color of the outline and give the color of cells you want.

Discover step by step how to create the table with another method

 Create different tables method

Another option is to create tables with Illustrator CS6 version, you can open the program, select “file” located on the top panel and choosing “New” , set the properties of the document and click “OK”. Then the toolbar, select “rectangular grid” .

Create the grid in the area of ​​the document by pressing the left and move the cursor button. Also while pressing the left mouse button press the C key on the keyboard to thus determine the size of grid cells horizontally.

You can also press the X button to reset the size of the cells. You can jointly press the V key to determine cell size vertically. Or “F” press the Restore cell size when you release the left mouse button you finish the cursor.

Then select the “Direct Selection” and choose the vertical point of the line you want to delete, move the cursor to the edge of the table and press the Delete key. Then select the points on a horizontal line while holding the “Shift” key and press the Delete key.

Apply this step for the rows you want to remove, so that you learn to use the tools.   Creating tables is a simple process and requires very few steps


Finally, we hope this article has been a help, but as we know could easily create tables Adobe Illustrator CC with the steps above -? Is – Is there another way to easily create tables? Give us your opinion in the comments.

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