How To Draw Freehand With The Brush Tool In Adobe Illustrator Stain

drawing lines freehand

When we want to use our imagination and creativity to draw our artwork, Adobe Illustrator provides us with very useful tools. Here we will explain about a Blob Brush tool called , which you can use to draw freehand.

Before using the brush tool spots, we want to mention some rules should take into account when using this tool. We also want to mention to the options has to be able to use it effectively.

Blob Brush tool in Adobe Illustrator

freehand drawing with shadows face

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When you use the tool must take into account the following:

  • When plotted combine these should be together in stacking order . Plots created by Brush Mancha, with some existing illustration must have the same fill color and have no stroke.
  • A draw paths with the Blob Brush, new paths will be combined with that cross. When you want to apply paint attributes to the Brush tool spots , you must define the attributes before you start drawing. Brush tool works stains to merge paths created by other tools.

When you double-click the brush tool can stain set the following options

  • Keep Selected: Select all strokes and kept selected, this option can display all tracings including the combined paths. Merge only with Selection. This option is only new strokes combined with selected paths
  • Faithfulness: With this option the distance that you must move the mouse or stylus is controlled Illustrator to add a new anchor point to the path. The more higher the value, the smoother and less complex the path. Smoothing: This option controls the amount of smoothing to the use tool. When the percentage is high softer the track.
  • Size: With the option can determine the size of the brush. angle : You can decide the angle of rotation of the brush. Roundness: It is decided the roundness of the brush, you can do so by entering a value to the text box roundness . When the value is high, the greater the roundness.

Step by step: how to draw freehand brush tool in Adobe Illustrator

freehand painting pin

Before we work with our drawing up the document, creating a new document in Adobe Illustrator. Then it is convenient to use rulers, grids and guides in Adobe Illustrator lines to achieve better precision.

Now to Brush tool set spots to your drawing, depending on the options mentioned above. To draw freehand must follow these steps:

  1. You must select the path you want to merge with the new layout.
  2. Now Panel Apariencias which is located on the left side should turn off the « New Art Has Basic Appearance «. Thus the stain brush tool will use the selected artwork.
  3. must then select the «Blob Brush» tool. Should be aware that have the same appearance of the selected artwork .
  4. You must then draw paths that cross illustration. can use the tool options fusion objects in Adobe Illustrator to combine; but if the paths do not match, you must ensure that the attributes of the brush tool spots are the same as the
  5. attributes of the path.

  6. you can then add lights and shadows, adding a little more depth to the illustration. To add light can use a brighter color to use layout and to shade darker version of the base color.
  7. To change any of the colors used; You should only select all and choose the « Recolor Artwork «. This way you can change the colors used in the illustration.
  8. Once the image of your drawing, can use Adobe Illustrator to convert a vector image on a map bits. After that, convert the file from Illustrator to easily PowerPoint. So you can present your formal drawing aotras people.

    In this way you have explained simply, how to draw using the Blob Brush tool . Keep visiting our website, you can learn other techniques you can use when making your artwork.

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