How To Use And Configure The Text Tool In Adobe Illustrator | Insert Text

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We all know that Adobe Illustrator graphic designs perform on a worktable. It is intended to artistic creation drawing and painting, using the line tool, simple shapes, pen, eraser, scissors and knife in Adobe Illustrator . But you can also use and configure the text tool in Adobe Illustrator | Insert text .

The text is a very important part in Adobe Illustrator when you go make a desktop publishing, draw a logo or use text to create an image. The options offered by Adobe Illustrator are formidable when using the Text tool.

To better understand the variety of options offered by this program design; It is advisable to switch languages ​​ Adobe Illustrator ; because it can be confusing to read everything in a language other than ours.

The good handling of the text tool, combined with other basic skills; such as: knowing use the Rotate tool in Adobe Illustrator objects, or usar interactive tool Adobe Illustrator paint. Will give you the necessary skills to design whatever you want . Now you’ll see how to use and configure the text tool.

Use and configure the Text tool to insert a text at a point

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Enter text at a point begins where you click; then spreads in a horizontal or vertical line as the characters are inserted. This is useful when you need to add a few words to the illustration .

For text insertion thus follow these steps :

  1. You select the Text tool or vertical text. When we do this step, the mouse pointer becomes an I inside the dotted box. The small horizontal line near the bottom of I, sets the position of the baseline.
  2. You can then set text formatting options in the Control Panel, for it is the character or paragraph options. In Caracter you can define family font, font style, line spacing, among others. can be defined in Paragraph indentation, alignment, and more.
  3. Click where you want to start the text line. You must make sure not to click on a object existing because then it becomes the text area or text on a path.
  4. Enter the text and press “Intro” Windows or “Return” on Mac OS, to start a line of text.
  5. When you finish entering text, click the “Select” tool to select the text object.
  6. Use and configure the text tool to insert text into an area

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    To enter text in one area, the boundaries of an object are used to control the flow of characters, either horizontally or vertically. When the text reaches one of the limits of the defined area, it adapts automatically.

    This method of entering text, much used when it is desired to include one or several paragraphs in a booklet; for example. To do the following steps are taken:

    1. First we must define the bounding area. To do this, you must select the text or Text tool and drag vertically diagonally to define the delimited area.
    2. Draw the object you want to use as delimited area then select the Text tool to use.
    3. After you click to somewhere in the layout of the object. Define the options plain text with character or paragraph options.
    4. After you set options for text formatting, it proceeds to write the text.
    5. You press the “Enter” key on Windows or “Return” on Mac OS to start a new paragraph.
    6. Upon completion of entering the text, click the “Select” tool to select the text object. When you enter more text that fits in the text area will see a plus sign (+) at the bottom. If you want you can resize the text area, this mode will display the overflow text.
    7. As you saw, you can easily learn and easy to use the Text tool in Adobe Illustrator. We invite you can still visit our website, and keep learning more interesting topics about useful tools.

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