How To Use And Make Drawings With The Pen Tool In Adobe Indesign Cc

 use and make drawings with the pen tool in Adobe InDesign cc

The frenzy of the creative is immersed in every corner of the virtual world. Ingenuity and force can be transmitted through art and design, shaping and endless ideas so constantly renewing how to admire and appreciate the digital age.

There are several programs designed to facilitate and promote creativity in the world of graphic design . One of them, has positioned itself as the great ally of professional designers and typesetters, we’re talking about InDesign .

With an incredible arsenal of tools , offers its users the ability to carry out amazing projects from scratch, or using default layouts. This editing program designed for publishing , fosters creativity leading digital typography to another level.

Functions InDesign

This application has a simple and friendly interface , which helps develop incredible projects without any difficulty. Among the creations that can be done with this program are:

  • Prototyping of Web pages.
  • PDF interactive.
  • Books, covers of books and magazines in digital or print formats.
  • Creating interactive buttons.
  • Flayers.
  • digital

  • Newspapers.
  • Publications for mobile devices.

InDesign is a really complete program stands out for its incredible versatility providing creative freedom of its members.

 InDesign functions

It offers the best tools that will enhance and certainly will position your project. This application platform, Typographic elaborations guarantees amazing , as well as adapting to the professional requirements.

InDesign allows add multimedia projects such as audio files and videos In addition, you can also download the contents of your creations EPUB formats, JPG, HTML and others.

Creating paths and shapes

Within the arsenal of tools offered by Adobe InDesign, such as insert images inside shapes and letters also can find the pen tool. This instrument accuracy, allows draw by segments joined by vertices, paths líneos, curved and draw simple shapes or complex .

To perform any creation using this tool, first, you must:

  • options to set it in the left side of the panel between the pencil tool and the straight line, select it.
  • Then you must position yourself on the road project and make a click to mark the first point.
  • Make a click on a segment of the sheet creation and one parallel to the first point created, so will create a straight line.
  • can make multiple clicks in different areas of the sheet to make a shape with straight Lineras.
  • To close a form, returns to the starting point.

If you want draw curved lines , one must:

  • Click the worksheet with the pen tool
  • Position yourself and hold the left mouse button, so that in this way controls the anchor point appears.
  • If you want to make a way back to the starting point to close.

If you run nonconforming and want to change the curvature, select the direct selection tool located at the top left of the menu options, press the positioning yourself curve on the handles, and set up your design to your style.

 Creating paths and shapes

straight points to curve

If you want to convert straight points to curved, the process is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Using the tool “ convert direction point ” located in the drop-down menu that appears selecting the pen tool.
  2. Then you must position yourself on the point you want to modify and select it.
  3. While pressing, you can move the cursor so that the handles appear.
  4. Modify the curvature you want section have holding down the left mouse button.
  5. To undo the curvature of the line, only need to click again and it will return to its original form.
  6. Drawings and colors

    To make the drawing a closed shape, you just have to, after hitting straight points you want to have, go back to the starting point. In this way, you will get a closed figure which can change and apply color gradients filling, outline, apply shadow effect and more.

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