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The company Adobe has created the Adobe InDesign program so users can design, add text to a document and edit files with great ease with default formats. Thanks to this application it is possible to carry out all types of projects.

In fact, with regard to the options offered we should mention that you can create and set up a new document easily and develop a variety of unique designs.

On the other hand, it also gives us the option to make drawings with pen tool, which is very useful if we want to create something original to patent it.

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The idea is to use a format or template that can be generalize on every page we want , either a type format magazine, newspaper, catalog, brochure or pamphlet, depending on the purpose or our creativity.

Normally, all documents and come with a default, ie have a master page. This article will explain how you can create your own master from the beginning or from an existing master page .

Once your design applied to the master page, you will see how dramatically the changes you made to the original will be automatically loaded on the following pages of the document.

Importance of Adobe InDesign master pages

A master page is a kind of background that applies to multiple pages. Master pages are important because they help give a clean design publishing and better structured.

Using these pages is very easy and simple , because if you reform a page, automatically all associated pages containing it will be changed. Typically, master pages have a basic design in which logos, headers and footers are repeated.

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Create a master from scratch

The first thing to do is look for the bar menu page panel located on the right of your screen, and choose ¨ New Master Page ¨. Will display a submenu with reference ¨ Options master pages ¨.

You appear parameters: prefix, name, based on master page and number of pages. They require the specifications will read below:

  • prefix . Enter a prefix that identifies the master page applied to each page in the pages pane. Here you can enter up to four characters.
  • Name . Enter a name for the master spread.
  • Based on master page . Choose any option. This election is the most important among all others.
  • Number of pages . Enter a value for the number of pages you want to include in the statement master (the limit is ten).

After specifying the options mentioned ¨ click the OK ¨ button. This is the time to start creating your design. A suggestion that may be useful is to do the sketch of the project with pencil and paper and then digitally plasmes your creation. That way, you will be clear that information on each page.

Pages adobe

Create master pages from an existing page or spread with Adobe InDesign

With this option, will achieve accomplish your goal in just two steps . Read on and find out what they are:

  1. Select an entire spread from the section «Panel pages/pages. ¨ drag it to the section Master Pages ¨.
  2. Choose a spread in the Pages panel and Click ¨ Save As Master Page ¨.
  3. will see that the objects on the page or the original specification will become part of the new master page. If you wish, you can vary the characteristics of the master page using as a base another master page, and choose update the other pages. The pages will identify them as follows:

    • Pliego or parent master . It is within the same document.
    • Pliegos or secondary master pages . Created from the original master page.

    To illustrate a little what to do, assume that the document used contains 21 chapters in which teachers the sheets vary little in design or layout and common objects of them all. In that case, you can change the basic design.

    For example, you can add objects, which will manifest in the document with a dotted border. This would take a few minutes, since the edit or change the specifications principal teacher would not have to do it in 21 chapters one by one.

    With Adobe InDesign, the href=»»> creating numbered lists, magazines, newspapers, leaflets or brochures is very pleasant and complete. We encourage you to explore this great tool.

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