Applying A Filter Or Blur Effect Bokeh Stories In Instagram -Instagram Stories

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Instagram every day surprises us with more exciting features to make our publications professionals, providing them with elegance and glamor. Given that The main function of this network is to highlight the best videos and photos .

How apply a filter or blur effect Bokeh in Stories Instagram -Instagram Stories

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This is why you can currently apply filters or effects Bokeh blur on Instagram stories . Undoubtedly, this gives you greater attraction to our photographs, which are likely to be seen by most of your followers. Note that you can also save Instagram filters for anytime use on iPhone and Android.

However, some users are unaware of how to apply this impressive filter or effect. If this is the case, do not worry, because in this post will tell you step by step how to do it. So we invite you to follow these instructions carefully.

Apply a filter or blur effect Bokeh on Instagram Stories

As safe as you must know, the term refers to blur Bokeh . This means that in this tutorial we will explain how to apply this effect to Instagram Stories publications.

However, it is important to know that once this effect is applied in his photographs everything that is in the back will be out of focus, the image being blurred. But also the effect can capture parts of our body, such as hair.

Still, this filter is nice and has become quite a trend for users of Instagram. Filling to be useful both for public figures as ordinary users. And no doubt this effect bokeh blur, gives a professional touch and fun to your images .

This being the main reason, for which everyone wants to apply it in their stories Instagram. For this reason, the intention of this content is to explain in detail how it is done and so a picture can upload their stories Instagram.

Steps to apply the filter or blur effect Bokeh in their stories Instagram

As has been mentioned above, currently Instagram allows users a number of features that make your photographs and publications more attractive.

Among these alternatives we find this blur effect, which should only be applied to the following steps:

  • Open the App Instagram
  • must then create a new story, Instagram. To do click the camera icon , which is located in the upper left corner

 instagram mobile application

  • Once there before taking a picture, look for the «Focus» at the bottom of the screen.

 instagram mobile in hand

  • Once you have selected this option, you can Take photo you want. Preferably using the face of a person or an object also. Anyway, what is in the back will be unfocused and what is in the foreground will be in focus.
  • Then and after taking the picture You can customize or apply the filters you want and that Instagram has.
  • Finally, select the button «Your story» and at the moment it is published.

As you can realize, the process is easy and fast. However, it should be to note that some mobile devices do not yet have this feature. And it may be a problem with the app or camera so I recommend troubleshooting Instagram camera . If this is your case, there are other methods to apply this effect, so do not worry.

If you liked this effect, note that you can convert presets in Lightroom Instagram filter easily and in this way to have your custom filters. And if you like this kind of cool effects to customize your instagram, can make videos with slow motion Boomerang Instagram and give a touch to your stories.

Finally, we hope this post has helped him help. However, like to know us your opinion could have applied this effect in the history of Instagram? Do you know another method to apply the blur effect Bokeh? Leave your answers in the comments.

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