Customizing The Covers Of Prominent Stories Easily Instagram


There are many tools available on Instagram that can help us to have many more visits and to give a special touch to our profile. For example, we have the famous stories we publish every 24 hours, which can add photos, videos, music and many other decorations. A seeing its usefulness, in this article we show how to customize the covers of prominent stories Instagram easily .

When we highlight one of our stories on Instagram is because we want to draw the attention of our fans, as well as encourage more people to follow us on our own. Something that can help you further improve your outstanding stories , is the striking covers that add them, and that’s just what I teach you to do in this article.

Customizing Covers Featured Stories Instagram Easily

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How to customize the covers of the stories highlighted in Instagram?

Today we can say that we have a lot of social media and communication networks, but it is clear that very few are as complete as it is Instagram with all his striking options. And is that not only allows us to keep in touch with whoever we want, but share high-quality content in a few steps.

We can even boost our businesses and services using famous business accounts , which are certainly very useful. But there is one aspect we have all come to be used at some point: highlight stories in the profile. Now, what can we do to make these stories more prominent call attention? Well, we can try to bring them to the front pages that relate to the subject of it.

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Doing this will allow both fans and other visitors to your profile, they can easily recognize each distinguished history and know what can be found within them. The steps to accomplish this are very simple, and then you show them.

Steps to customize the covers of stories featured in Instagram

As the other functions of Instagram, the set highlighted stories Instagram is very simple . Also it will help you you have more visits in your stories quickly and easily. The steps to follow are:

  • First of all, login to your Instagram profile from the app.

  • Place yourself in your feed.

  • Enter the featured story you want to add to the cover.

  • Press the three points at the bottom of it.

  • From the options, select the «Edit Featured Story» .

  • In the configuration section, you’ll see at the top of the cover story.

  • Click «Edit Cover».

  • You can choose from history photos or select one from your gallery.

  • Cuadra good image, so that it is well located on the cover.

  • Once you’re satisfied with the result, press «Done».

That’s it! When you have followed these steps on the letter, you will see the cover of your remarkable history in the visible part of your Instagram profile. If you can not use the Instagram app on your phone, you can also up stories to Instagram from PC if necessary.

Tips for putting covers the outstanding stories Instagram

Not only just put any cover in your stories, but the detail is how the put. There are several details to consider to have real success.

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For example, if you have many stories at once, the covers must have something that identifies them, but also are striking. In addition, you can use apps like Canva that can help you create quality covers easily. And if possible ensures that all follow the same theme, ie that covers and other aspects of the combined profile and identify you from others.

You can also get advantage of templates that give you an idea of ​​how design your own covers , as well as give you an appropriate name to the stories. As you can see, the edit stories Instagram outstanding takes work, but completely worth it.

We encourage you to experience for yourself how great it is to edit your Instagram profile, and we hope you take out the most of the tools we give Instagram.

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