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stories, file and saving Instagram, is the main attraction of this < strong> social network , therefore, are increasingly Instagram users who join up their stories either on the PC or mobile , whether videos or photos to their accounts. So that Instagram has been commissioned to frequently update this format to give its users great news.

In this post you will learn to use the latest novelty Instagram launched for the format of the stories where you can share your stories with other users; Therefore, how to activate and share stories Group , using the best social network Instagram .

INSTAGRAM | Activating and share stories in Group

How to activate a group on Instagram?

  1. The main thing you should do is to have active this new Update Instagram has made available since this new feature is added in the latest version of the app. If you have not updated to this update from the app store.
  2. Download and open your Instagram account.
  3. Go to the section stories .
  4. On the menu where you can choose photos, videos, music, hashtag, you’ll find an option called Chat (group) click here .
  5. Begin creating your Instagram group, setting the name that have that group or chat and also changes the color of the text.
  6. Then up a story to your contacts know you have a request to initiate a group.
  7. Look for history data to see which of your contacts want to join that group.
  8. must authorize contacts you want to be part of that group.
  9. Having authorized contacts that will be part of your group; can proceed to interact with them using the group you created (see Instagram Direct messages).
  10.  mobile instagram keyboard

    Points you should keep in mind:

    • depues have created the group, you can display in direct messages Instagram Direct, with the other conversations I’ve had with other users.
    • If you share a story in the group that you created, this conversation is not erase despite the disappears story to the 24 hours , the only way that disappear conversation is deleting it.
    • This group not only can share stories, but also videos, photos, music, and more.
    • Each group has a limit of 32 members .
    • If at any time want to leave the group and delete it, you can do without any inconvenience.
    • You can make modifications, such as mute messages or video chats.
    • You must update the application Instagram whenever you request to enjoy the innovations offered by this popular social network you.

    How to share stories Instagram group?

    1. Open your Instagram account.
    2. Add a story (video, photos, hashtag, location, advertising).
    3. When you upload the file to your story, you “History Group» click here appear at the bottom of the screen.
    4. another screen

    5. Immediately will appear where the groups are that you created, then select the group that want to you send history . (This screen also allows you to create a new group in the “New” option, to the press there a tab is deployed with all your contacts, now you must choose the accounts you want to be part again this group . Finally click the icon that is seen on the upper right to save your changes.)
    6. Then shares the story to the group.
    7. When you shared the history you will see several circles next to the story will also appear the lock icon, this indicates that the story has been shared on a group .

       functions instagram

      If a member of a group of Instagram can also upload stories:

      1. We entered the group in which we are members.
      2. “Add”, click here

      3. appears on the bottom left.
      4. Choose content you want to add to the group.
      5. Now you must press “Share in the history of the group” .
      6. You story will appear in the group.
      7. So easy it is to share stories on a group Instagram , if you’re part of the community Instagram begins to create groups and Share stories with all your friends and family. Also something you should not forget the stories is that can add music stories instagram on an iPhone or mobile adroid. Do not let this special time of the day be forgotten, share your happiness with all your acquaintances.

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