How Quickly Share Multiple Answers In The Same Instagram Stories

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Undoubtedly Instagram is one of the most important social networks today is known for its multiple functions among which we highlight Stories. If you are interested to know more about Stories Instagram this tutorial How quickly share multiple answers in the same Instagram Stories can be very useful.

How quickly share multiple answers in Same Instagram Stories

Questions Instagram Stories are quite useful to have an exchange with our fans, in fact with them possible Instagram to share stories on Facebook . It is for this reason that most of influencers usually constantly use to answer multiple questions.

Instagram stories

The application Instagram has evolved slowly with the needs of its users. In this globalized world share our time and thoughts with others is something increasingly common, this you can expand with stories of Instagram.

With this feature you can share videos, and if you have the wits can learn how to upload longer videos on Instagram Stories certainly is an invaluable tool for anyone who handles social networks.

Instagram Stories is one of the main means of reach of a user with his followers. In addition there are many tools present in this paragraph of the application, one of them are the questions.

On the other hand, questions Instagram Stories, allow to have a direct contact between user and follower , so that there is constant feedback. Use this tool to communicate better with your followers. We also invite you to read our tutorial to make better use Instagram this section.

How quickly share multiple answers in the same Instagram Stories

Here you’ll learn the most sencilo mode to Share your followers responses. is a basic process that anyone can do in a few steps. Read carefully the information we have for you and improves communication with your followers on Instagram.

 instagram Stories

Make the question

  1. The first thing to do is open the application Instagram. Now go to the room to create a New history . For this or press on your profile picture located above and to the left, easily recognize that says “Your story” .
  2. At the bottom appear several options in the current version that has changed a bit, but do not worry all you have to do is go to the Create tab.
  3. Within create multiple options appear, such as cards, Gif, add links Instagram stories, polls and now need to Questions. Click on Questions.
  4. At the press on this option, a small bubble will appear that you can edit it, click on Make me a question , you can change what you want. When you press culminated on ready and your question will be sent.
  5. Now just have to wait for your fans respond.
  6. When your fans have responded, these responses appear below the story you have created.
  7. To share just need to click on them and press the Share Answer .
  8. By repeating the process several answers can share your Instagram Stories.
  9. Trick to quickly share many answers in the same Instagram Stories

    By the time the Instagram application does not allow publishing many answers to the same time. Anyway with a little ingenuity it is possible to do this, follow our method for share multiple answers in the same story.

    1. Once you have answers to your question, press Share Answer and acomodala in the place that you seem, leaving room for other answers. Do not press send, instead presses on the download button, easily recognize, is the downward arrow with a line.
    2. Select the photo you downloaded with the response and return to other questions answered. Click on Share response and acomodala in the right place.
    3. The above procedure must repeat for each of the answers you want in the same story.
    4.  Answers in instagram stories

      In addition to the above, you may create and answer your questions with live music stories thus what share it will be much more appealing to people who follow you.

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